Tuesday, April 12

Tuesday, April 12, 2011...A Windy Morning With No Rain Is Acceptable For Me......

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With all the things I have to do....want to do...need to do and hope to do, I’ll take a chilly, windy day over rain anytime! We can work out there comfortably today without sweating and a flannel shirt will feel good. We would like to get the last three raised beds finished and all six placed where they go, and then move to the alpaca run-in shed posts. We’re not going to insert any fence posts around where the garden goes until we get the dump truck to deliver the top soil. That way he can dump where I can shuttle it into the beds without wiggling past fence posts. We’ll have them dump the top soil off to the side of the yard somewhere in a big pile, so I can bring buckets to the beds and keep that area around the beds neat and clean. Besides, any left over topsoil, needs to be off to the side in a pile, for later use in the beds. It shouldn’t take too long to finish up the assembly of the last three beds. The wood is already cut to size and only needs the screws and brackets installed. After they are made and in place, it’s off to the pasture area to lay out the location of the future pasture fence and run-in shed....then I can dig the post holes and start the construction of the double sided shelter for the alpacas. The run-in shed, is intended to give them temporary shelter when they want it...by simply “running into it”...thus the name! They will use in during rain or in the evenings when they want to remain outside, but feel “concealed and hidden”. It will also shield them from the summer sun and give us a place to put some hay on a rainy day. The new shed and pasture will also give us a way to isolate and separate the two new alpacas when they come home with Bollero. We’ll have a separate place for them, instead of throwing strangers together right away. That will be better than throwing five alpacas together and help eliminate any fighting if any should occur, until they become familiar with one another and settle in here. While performing that project, we will also be installing fencing around the brooding house to contain the meat birds this year. We want to do “back to back” brooding periods all summer long, with six to eight week growing periods between harvests. That will require that we keep them separated from the layers and keep their feed available to them all day long, as they free range in a fenced area. We also plan to brood a few turkeys all summer long too, harvesting them at 10 to 12 pounds throughout the summer......offering them at market and here in our farm store too. Yeah, this is gonna be a happening place from now on.....Stay tuned for what’s going on. I tried all morning to download a video of the ducks and the dam repair and how happy they are to have their water back, but this lousy program doesn't work for crap!!!

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