Monday, May 2

Monday, May 2nd...When Politically Correct Just Ain’t Right At All Any More...

Remove Formatting from selection’s happened. Osama Bin Laden is no more...GONE...Eliminated...Snuffed... Killed... He’s deader than a zillion year old mummy, in a rock townhouse with a Bose sound system. A small band of our elite Navy Seals raided a compound and polished off Bin Laden, one of his sons and another two or so of his cronies last evening, as announced by Obama.
Jeeze um, I don’t know what this world is coming to with Obama hunting down Osama...a Muslim hunting and snuffing another Muslim... Mixing Islamic values with Marxist the highest ranking public official in the United States...
What does “Politically Correct” mean anymore? It seems to me that “Politically Correct” actually includes the everyday killing, robbing, raping and forcing of all Americans to accept something we never did before.... Cringe in fear and turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to everyday atrocities.
I don’t want to fear more than I did as a child. Communism, robbery, nuclear war and TB was the major concern back then. Adults today are to be more informed... educated to the ways of the world... problem solvers, who attack the threats of today, not run and hide... act like a brainless vegetable giving in or simply giving “it” away!
I’m tired of our elected officials doing what’s best for them as they line their greedy pockets. I’m tired of the threat (actually the reality) of my life savings in Social Security being given to misfit illegals and some of the laziest, worthless slugs on two feet that won’t work and try to make an honest living. I’m tired of a president that empties the piggy bank daily, thinking we will refill it overnight, to give it all away again tomorrow...Just to by lazy votes for the next election.
Politically correct in the past was always God in Americans lives, or the right not to believe in God... Not to force Americans to remove God from America.
Politically correct used to be the concept of welcoming immigrants to America and giving them the chance to learn English, earn citizenship, find a job and become an American...Not ANYMORE! Now we have allowed them to change our America to their homeland language and culture, while we give them health care, food stamps and money to pay their bills at the expense of our own citizens by cutting their benefits earned by a lifetime of labor. We actually encourage illegal aliens to get on welfare rolls, make after the other as they lay around receiving all our benefits.
I don’t want to give my Social Security to anyone under 62 years old, who are not legal American citizens that have not worked and earned it! I don’t want to send money to other countries to save their people, while ours die and rot on our city streets, because there is no program to save them. I’m tired of saving other countries...while ours goes down the tube.
We had better take America back to the values it had fifty years ago...allowing people to earn a place here. Spanish people have signs everywhere in our stores. WHY? Italians, Germans, French, Russian, Slovaks, Swedes, Dutch and all the other immigrants who came into Ellis Island, who did legally and correctly were given nothing except a promise if they worked hard for it.
Why would we give Mexicans, Puerto Ricans or any other alien anything more than we gave our immigrant ancestors? What a slap in their face....after all their hard work to make a name for themselves... a home for their family and trying to make America greater.....
Yes folks, Osama Bin Laden is dead and gone, but American will be too, if we don’t wake up and save ourselves from ourselves.

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