Sunday, May 15

Sunday, May 15, 2011... What is Wrong with This Government in New York State?????

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Yesterday Vick and I decided to go to Lowe’s to pick up fencing and a gate. When we came out of Lowe’s, we discovered that we had forgotten the gate hinge hardware. Knowing I didn’t feel that well and my knees that need replaced, were aching, Vick offered to run back in to get the needed hardware for the gate and leave me sit in the car. As I waited for her return, this guy in his forties or so zings into a handicapped parking spot in a club cab pickup with a full job body and two extension ladders on a top rack (we had a picture, but Vick lost it somehow). Now you can’t get out and say, “Hey A-hole... what are you doing taking that parking spot from someone that needs it”, because Mr. A-hole has a handicapped tag hanging from this “OBVIOUS WORK TRUCK” he just pulled into that parking spot, is more than obvious that when he gets out of the truck...along with his wife... neither are handicapped, OR shameful about sucking up the “next to the building” parking spot reserved for truly handicapped folks! Now I know that someone had to give them that tag....but why? Why doesn’t anyone verify that the tag is truly needed or deserved? Why is the program not policed? That is my question. I see this privilege abused everywhere and no one seems to care. Half of the parking lots in front of Wal-Mart are reserved for handicapped customers, and half of those spots are taken by the same kind of people....lazy people who get out of their cars and briskly sashay into the store. I suppose they are the same jerks you have to walk around or have to try to keep them from running over you in their little battery powered buggy......only later, to see them hop off of it and again walk, ever so briskly to their vehicle, parked in the very front row and speed away!
Come on people....I experience pain daily with my knees, miss going into stores to walk around with Vick as she shops, miss experiencing many things with my wife because I can’t walk great distances, but I’m not at all close to handicapped. I wouldn’t think of taking a spot needed by someone worse off than fact, I would probably limp over to help them out of their cars and into their wheelchair.
I want to know when someone is going to start to screen these abusers from having these bogus stickers. They make everyone look down their noses at the handicapped parking program and that should not happen. It is a valuable program for good folks who need it and we owe it to them to clean up the system and get these abusers off the list. They are simply lazy leaches who want special rights... just like those who double park in front of stores to go inside and shop.
Patrol this...ticket them...impound their cars...fine them and use the money to perpetuate the patrolling of the program.
Okay, there is the Sunday “mourning” rant!
Now...Are we prepared for the deluge of rain expected to fall today. I pity the folks in the Mississippi flood region, as their life savings float away from them. Think of all the retired, old people who haven’t the means of replacing the meager belongings they lose. How will they survive? Will we help them like everyone helped the other countries that had mud slides, floods and tsunamis recently? Will there be programs all over TV asking for donations for these people of our own country? How about any of the countries we helped? Will anyone in India, Haiti or Japan respond with even a “Sorry to hear about your problem”, let alone offer to help. The world is such a vile place....selfishness abounds and indifference rules people’s lives everywhere you look. Love they neighbor seldom happens, unless it’s a neighbor guy messing around with another neighbor’s wife!
I bet God is real proud of us all, no matter what your religious background is. (Or isn’t)
Today, Vick and I will work on the inside of the barn expansion...since it is raining profusely. We will also do any kind of running around we might need to do for anything necessary, during all this rain. We need to go for corn, but I don’t know if the place is open on Sundays. I know Shaul farms are closed Saturday and Sunday, but the other place I just don’t know about.....Anyway, we will work on the barn, moving the wall and door out to enlarge the area inside the barn for the six alpacas. In the heat of the day, they enjoy lying in the cool barn, and at night, they obviously feel safer inside in the lighted barn, than outside. That would be especially obvious when the coyotes are bawling and baying to one another as they hunt, all hours of the night. We keep lights on all around the barn to make the coyotes uneasy about slinking around the barn. That is also why we installed 2x4 rabbit wire over the wooden board fencing. This keeps coyote from simply walking under the fence and into the pasture, where they could lurk in the shadows of the outermost part, waiting to attack an unsuspecting sheep or young alpaca.
We have more than enough work to keep us busy for a day or two in and around the barn, under the overshot to the pasture. It will be nice once the wall is pushed out and there is more floor space inside for the livestock. We’ll run pictures of the progress as we go. Stay tuned.....

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