Thursday, May 19

Thursday, May 19, 2011... I’ve Hit the Wall and Exploded, Only to Burn Out...

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That’s right... crashed and burned...right before your very eyes! I have nothing to write about. Perhaps it’s the lousy weather....and even though we have absolutely nothing to complain about when looking at the unfortunate folks in Mississippi and the surrounding areas, we’re only human too. We hate the constant rain we’ve received since Sunday evening. It hasn’t let up for more than an hour or so...and even though no one local has lost their home or possessions to flooding, it’s still a depressing thing to endure rain of this magnitude for four straight days...and another on the way! The barn is again soaked and needs a pile of stone placed in the entryway to the new run-in shed and courtyard area of the alpaca’s area. It’s wet and muddy and we have very little stone left to place there. As soon as the rain subsides enough, I'll see if I can gather remainding stone from where the pile used to be and see if we can put a little in there and get them out of the standing water. Once that is done, we can push the wall out and enlarge their inside area, then add a few rubber mats. Then we’ll have a high and dry area for all six alpacas and the three sheep...even in rainy weather.
As with most farmers...we’re out of money again...just when we wanted the guy to come with his equipment and do the drainage thingie, so we don’t have the same flooding problem next spring when the ice and snow melts again. That also needs done before we can even think about doing the farm store. The main part of the wetness would be directly below the store if we did not do the positive drainage thing first, so we’ll have to call him as soon as we can. For now...I guess its fence, fence and more fences. We have the posts and a lot of wire though...and the alpacas will love the grazing afforded with every new section we fence off, so until we come into a little more money to get the excavator and ditch digging equipment here to lay drainage pipe, we’ll build fence and expand the barn.
Writing remains hard when you don’t leave the farm and continue to do the same thing day in and day out. There are few subjects that come to mind and you end up complaining, or at least sounding like you’re complaining about everything...and that isn’t why we write the blog, so I just failed to write. Obviously life goes on and nothing changes, except my readership. It’s just more of the same without fresh, new material to write about. I used to get lots of comments, but not anymore, which indicates to me that I'm becoming boring. Believe me...if a writer knows anything, it's that a boring writer, looses the readers following!

I don't want to write colums that turn people away.

So please folks, bear with me...there are lots of positive things in the works and I’m sure we’ll pop out of this depression we’re stuck in as the sun begins to shine and dry up the mud. Jeeze um...imagine the mess Noah had after forty days and nights of flooding and all those animals jammed in that ark and the mud from the flood. I know what the barn is like with just a few animals after these past five days. I’ll bet Noah was cleaning for another forty days and nights!

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