Friday, June 10

Friday, June 10, 2011...Fox News 23 Did Their Interview Yesterday...SURPRISE!!!

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Yesterday in the midst of tidying things up a little for the TV interview today, Vick received a phone call from Fox News. It was early in the afternoon and they wanted to know if we would be agreeable to doing the TV interview around 3:00 or 4:00 that afternoon. SURPRISE...... we were on TV a day early. We’re so glad we didn’t procrastinate......dragging our feet in getting ready, until the final moment! They arrived around 4:10 and went to work filming the gift shop and farm, spending almost an hour here to get a one minute, thirty second clip for the evening news broadcast, sometime next week.
Vick did very well during the interview. She was extremely comfortable with the camera, contrary to the way she thought she would react....after all, they are not the first people we’ve talked to while they were taking pictures and asking questions about our life here and the farm.
After their arrival, I snapped a few pictures of the partially stocked gift shop, the new mats in the alpaca stall and the thin, AMAZING...insulation in the bunny brothel, which has kept the temperature in the mid seventies during this 95 degree heat wave we’re now experiencing. I also added a few pictures of Vick’s raised bed garden and how well it is doing!
Hey...have you heard that ethanol has reduced gas prices by 89¢ a gallon in 2010? Did you know that gas prices would almost double if the ethanol production were to be abruptly halted? WOW....What is ethanol you ask? BOOZE! They are feeding our cars a mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% booze. (Ethanol is the same ingredient that is in all alcoholic beverages) What is the effect on the gas, you ask? decreased the price during 2010 by that previously mentioned 89¢, but have any of you noticed that the cheaper the gas....the more you have to buy to get to the same places? What happens is this, the more ethanol they add, the more water in introduced into the is a chemical reaction to the blending of the gas and ethanol. It also increases the sluggish acceleration you sometimes experience when you boot the accelerator to the floor to pass another car, scaring you to death...and also leads to cold weather start-up problems. World ethanol production for transport fuel tripled between 2000 and 2007 from 17 billion to more than 52 billion liters. They are only supposed to add up to 10% ethanol to American fuels...I wonder who is watching that????? Hummm, cheaper by the dozen, when ethanol is added....I wonder? Could they be sneaking behind our .........Nah, they wouldn’t do that...they wouldn’t allow that......even if I DO only seem get four miles to a gallon now.................
Now who we kiddin’ here? It’s still the ol’ American... “Pay less, get less”!
Here’s another puzzling dilemma.... In out travels last week, we saw many gas stations advertising prices of $3.99 per gallon, to $3.87...from New York to Vermont. But... (Now hold on to your hat...) three times, we bought gasoline at Slater’s Smart Stop in Cario, NY for $3.61 a gallon...and it’s still that price today!
Explain to me how our neighbors in Greenville, can justify sticking his nozzle up my butt for 39¢ a gallon more than the neighboring town, only nine miles down the road? (And by the mileage is as good as with any other gas!)
I hope that $3.99 towel head wiener from the Bryant’s lot comes here to buy some eggs...because for him they are $5.99 a dozen, due to increased fuel surcharge incurred by doing business in Greenville! (Do unto your neighbor as they do unto you...not right, but justifiable if you ask me!)
Enjoy the pictures......and stay cool in this heat!

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