Saturday, June 11

Saturday, June 11, 2011... Another Very Sad Day Here On The Cluckin’ “A”......

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Puppy D. Pooh Bear
1994 - 2011
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Last evening we had to help Beary more than usual to get her up the steps to go to bed....Seems she was becoming more and more weak in the hind quarters. She had been getting worse for weeks, and recently couldn’t stand to finish her food at feeding time. We tried to get her to eat sitting down, but to her...that was not natural. She needed help going up the stairs for some time and we had to watch her closely when coming down, because she would launch from the third step like she always did, but now would crash into the wall, or fall flat on her face. She would also run out and leap from the deck into the yard, along with the other dogs, as she always did; only now...she would ricochet off the fence or crash head long into it and fall. Her mind and heart remained young, even though her 17 year old body was winding down! Anyway... last evening after getting her up to the bedroom, she walked in circles as usual, finally lying down at the foot of the bed. Vick had gone into the bathroom and I was in bed, watching TV as usual. All at once I smelled dog poo...very strong indeed... and Beary was squeaking in despair as she has done the last while back when she was stranded in a splayed position on the slippery wooden floor, when she could not get up. She was up on her front legs, but her rear end was still on the floor and she had an instant and rank bout of diarrhea. I helped her to her feet, but she was very unstable and could not control her bowels. Vick came out and started helping and we got her to the art room, where Vick placed a towel under her and allowed her to lay down. She never got up again....and we thought she might not make it until the morning when we could get her to the Vet.
We knew we were close to the end....and Beary would not be with us much longer. Hell...we knew that she was getting worse months ago. She was on Vetmedin, Lasix and Enalapril for her heart and fluid retention associated with congestive heart failure, for the last two years. She just kept on being the “Puppy D. Pooh Bear”, she was as a puppy, wanting to be near Vick, rubbing along your legs and finally going under both your legs...which was more commonly known as “under the bridge” and still rolling and playing with Snavely Mill and Casey Mae. She had such a great personality for a golden retriever mixed breed. So patient with the world...never growling or showing her teeth, nor being aggressive to any human. You could beat her to death and she would not growl or show a mean streak. Great around kids, and when Snavely was a puppy...she endured Snavely chewing upon her ears as she crawled all over Bear.
Bear’s only vice was crunching woodchucks. If they were in her yard...they belonged to her and paid dearly with their life. She did not tolerate woodchucks.
We now know that Bear’s spirit is and will always be here with us....kept company no doubt, by Vick’s first Husband Carl and my Mom, both of which make their presence here known rather frequently... Bear’s ashes will accompany all the other pet containers in the Wilson house, where the physical remains rest...but the spirits remain here in the house and in our hearts. Today Beary’s body gave up......making us extremely sad with her passing, but she will reside with us forever.
Rest easy girl, you deserve it!

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