Sunday, June 19

Sunday, June 19, 2011... Happy Father’s Day...Especially For Those Far Apart......

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What a beautiful morning it is in New York, making it a beautiful morning for Father’s Day. There will surely be a lot of Barbeques and picnics today, celebrating the one day set aside for Ol’ Dad. There won’t be any mandatory lawn mowing, garage cleaning or probably any other type of yard work or chores today for the majority of Dad’s across the Nation. Then there are those who have no Father’s Day ever. Dad’s that can’t have a Father’s Day because an ex-wife has poisoned his children against them by constantly lying and driving hatred into their hearts daily...simply because they are no longer married. Now there are surely fathers who don’t deserve the time of day from their children...due to the things they have done because of bad decisions, but NEVER....and I mean NEVER, should anyone allow wedges to be placed between children and a parent (of either sex) by a hate filled ex-spouse for any reason. It is up to the children to know the truth when they become older and then decide if bonds are to be broken. It should not be allowed of either parent to force feed their children hatred toward the other parent in an attempt to make the ex-spouse miserable and an estranged parent of the children.
Would someone....somewhere....take the time to think of the ramifications imposed upon the children when hatred is pumped willfully into their little hearts and lives, long before they can tell right from wrong....good from evil? Will someone explain the detrimental affects injected into the children’s lives at the perpetrator’s selfish expense? Do they realize what they are doing to the child’s self esteem when a parent is forced to leave the family situation anyway? It should be the goal of the remaining parent to assure the children that the absent parent did not leave as a result of them, but problems between the two adults only....and that nothing will change how the absent parent will love them.
Great theory, but it will never happen, because courts are oblivious to the actual mental welfare of the children!
No...You say? Well I know...because it happened to me! happened to me years ago when I was young. Right, Wrong or Indifferently... I was exposed as a vile, un-feeling person, because I chose stability of my children’s lives over constant bickering and other personal reasons I will not disclose to the world. Suffice to say I forced an issue to stop by intervention of family members in my absence and was afterward, attacked and poisoned by those same people. Yet through it all, I was successful in arranging a stable, semi-normal life for my my expense of course, but it had to be......
Now one of them...the youngest...understands completely and has returned to my life...and I to hers. My second is favoring return...but is more cautious than the youngest...but is warming to the re-establishment of our relationship. The first born, I fear is poisoned beyond reprisal.... and for that I am disappointed...but understanding. I place the blame silently where it rests and will accept that decision; knowing fully...that it is well known by that child to be an unfair...forced...and willful result of the years of negative programming.
What is my point to all this on such a fine day?
Don’t do this to your child!
They deserve far more love than this! So, whether or not it is Mother’s Day or Father’s Day......REMEMBER...Your children should be one of the most precious things in your life to protect, so remember that the poison you spread, can also seep into the well being of your relationship with your children and in time kill it also...especially if those children finally research all the truthfulness of the past and finally expose and taste that poison.
For all poisoned parents...Mom or Dad... my understanding heart is with you and I personally want to wish you a happy Father’s Day or a belated happy Mother’s Day.
God will rectify all that is unjust and heal the hearts of those affected. You can be assured of that!

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