Thursday, June 16

Thursday, June 16, 2011... What’s Wrong with Us......and The World Around Us??

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Have you ever asked yourself that question? What is wrong with the world? Why does everyone hate what is not theirs or anything that might be a little different than we like, want or see? Why does everyone around me want to steal me blind and take what is not theirs because they do not want to work as hard as me to achieve or earn what I have?
For the last several weeks, we have been paying $3.60 per gallon for our gas at Slater’s Smart Stop in Cairo. Even as we bought our gas there, our neighbors in Greenville were happy to stick us in the butt, while stealing $3.80 to $3.90 per gallon......and we even witnessed some stations, still at $4.01.
Now, I must say that I take offense to a neighbor charging me this kind of price, simply because he can....but still, I have to be the actual idiot if I pull into his place of business and flash my four bucks under his greedy nose for him to actually screw me! I have to bare my butt for him to stick it to me....considering he has not pulled me over to his pumps, by training an AR15 assault rifle on me, threatening to shoot me if I don’t buy his overpriced gasoline. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the towel headed thief in the Bryant’s lot didn’t end up doing that)
Anyway, the funny (or sick) thing is...that I see people stopped there patronizing his business all the time...paying $4.00 plus, when just down the street, the gas is $3.85....and eight miles down the road, it is $3.60. What is wrong with these people?
Everyone around us, keep saying we are selling our eggs too cheaply. To is hard enough to make ends meet and we enjoy giving our neighbors eggs they can afford. In fact, we sell a half gallon of maple syrup for $28.00, when a competitor down the road sells a quart for $26.00. We sell our local honey for $7.50 while the locals sell theirs for $8.50 up... Vick has priced her hand spun, hand dyed yarns at $15.00/4 oz. skein....UNHEARD of for hand done yarn... and the alpaca yarn will be just as affordable when it is ready. We put our name on our product and want our neighbors to support us and be happy that they are....and are saving their hard earned money in the process. We sell fruit (during the season) cheaper than you can buy it going north, purchasing it and bringing it back, to re-sell to our neighbors which makes the farmer’s market more appealing during the summer.
Other local farms grow only for the co-op or go to other communities to sell at those farmer’s markets, because there is a better customer turnout. What about our own community? We stay right here and support our own community and it’s beginning to pay off for us as the community folks see our loyalty to them. They are beginning to return it by wholeheartedly supporting us year the market and here on the farm at our road side stand.
We make more and more friends as the weeks go by...especially from folks who are intrigued by the farm and all the roaming animals. They keep telling their friends and new folks are arriving weekly.
Last night the Fox 23 News network in Albany aired a video segment highlighting the hospice gift shop. They did an interview with Vick and I to increase the awareness of the gift shop and what we are trying to achieve here. It is on their web site at this link. Just click on the link to go to the video of the gift shop and the farm. (Excuse the dopy people among the intelligent animals)
I see Al Qaeda has replaced Bin Laden. When will we ever learn that nothing we do will ever get rid of them? There will always be another blood thirsty leader to replace the one before him and can possibly reach deep inside and find a way to be worse than the one before him. I usually don’t open my mouth to judge people...especially since that’s one of God’s reserved commands...for Jesus said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”....but in the same token, I always judge fairly and justly, for I will face God’s judgment in the same manner. They would have us believe that Allah wants all his Muslim children to kill anyone not of the Muslim faith. My God wants me to witness a loving, caring life and draw people to his love and practice that in their everyday living. My God does not condone killing, raping and vile hearted people. He wants us all to love one another and live a full, happy and loving life!
What is wrong with anyone who sees fault with living in this manner? Why would I want to kill someone who chooses to live any other way, when God will judge them for that on judgment day?
How I wish people would stop to think about what they do to their fellow business, in taxation, in representation and in their hearts.
Perhaps if our politicians would look deeply into their hearts, New York would not be the most corrupt state in the union....with the worst and highest taxation in the country. Maybe more people would want to move here rather than move away.
Come on you ever think?

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