Sunday, June 26

Sunday, June 26, 2011...A Long Dry Spell Between Thurs. and Today on the Blog...

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Understandably......some of you may be upset that you’ve checked here to find a blank spot beyond Thursday, but that’s what happens when many events come to close together and an old man gets tired! I’m sorry to all the faithful readers who missed us.
Friday morning we fed, watered and released the animals and headed for Vermont and northern New York for our usual weekly product run and fun day on the road. We hit em’ all on Friday...even our old friend Tim from Starlit Ridge Farm. He wasn’t home at the time, but we were only a few miles away from his farm and decided to drop by to show Isabelle Tim’s beautiful Friesian horses and his daughter’s Nigerian Dwarf goats. We still purchase Tim’s delicious honey for resale at the farmer’s market, so we thought we would pick up a few jars while we were up there. Maybe next time Tim!
We spent the entire day running from place to place picking up cheese, maple syrup and other tasty treats, returning late Friday evening, just in time to close the animals in, run for a bite to eat, come home and collapse.
Early Saturday morning, we hot the farmer’s market...and were bored to death until the close at 1:00 in the afternoon, with perhaps...15 customers...TOTAL.
Was it because of the graduation parties everywhere...OR WHAT??? Who knows!
Anyway, we ran home, got cleaned up and headed for Vick’s parents and brothers house on the mountain for our niece’s graduation party. We returned again...just in time to close in the animals, rest a bit and hit the hay.
And now it’s Sunday morning and we’re back momentarily. We’ll let the animals out for the day and then head up to Schoharie County, to our friend Joan’s for a little visit. We’ll take Joan to The Pasta & Grill in Middleburg for a great Sicilian pizza and then on the way home, we’ll stop at Crewell feeds and pick up a bunch of corn for the chickens. That should just about blow Sunday and put us back on the weekly work schedule where everything will slow down for a change.
Ethyl’s our German Angora, who gave birth to two little fluff balls, lost one which died during the first night. I found it in the morning in the back corner of the box, so I must assume it didn’t find the mother for suckling when she fed the other one, for the second ones little belly was plump with its momma’s milk. That one is still alive and well so should make it if everything continues to happen right. That means that Ethyl has crossed the threshold and will probably be a good mother to future litters she will have. It is so difficult until you get a good female that takes care of her precious little bundles of fluff. We will breed Lucy again sometime, but will still hold our breath when she births, because she has not had a surviving litter yet. We want to be sure we have folks interested I the bunnies before breeding our girls though...We aren’t interested in keeping more bunnies than we already have, except for securing a Satin Angora, sometime in the future.
July seventh slowly approaches...bringing with it, the next hatching of a potential 42 eggs, which are presently perking in the incubator, in the brooding house. I will remove the turner on the 4th and lock the incubator down for hatching on the 7th. We will remove the lid and transfer chicks to the brooding box...under the heat lamp on the 10th.

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