Thursday, June 23

Thursday, June 23, 2011...Wha Ohhhh! Wook Out, issh Daunna Spoad...

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Ahhh, Buckwheat, from “Our Gang”, once commented when he was scared. This new report carries a horror story of its own...One that would surely make Ol’ Buckwheat cringe with the anticipation of impending terror!
Why, with all the fuss and muss being made in North Dakota, about the Souris River flooding expected to flood a major portion, if not all of the town of Minot over the weekend, it’s hard to believe their problems are more important than the following story about the sea levels. Just because the Souris River is now breeching the levees and they are expecting another seven feet of rise before it crests at an all time record...and folks in Minot, North Dakota and many others up and down stream of them, stand to lose their homes in days....this story pales in light of the following news break.
It is now known that the sea levels have been rising significantly over the past century of global warming, according to a study that offers the most detailed look yet at the changes in ocean levels during the last 2,100 years. As the world became industrialized – the sea level has risen more than 2 millimeters per year, on average. That's a bit less than one-tenth of an inch, but it adds up over time. It will lead to land loss, more flooding and saltwater invading bodies of fresh water said Kenneth Miller, chairman of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers University, who recently advised New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that the state needs to plan for a sea level rise of about 3 feet by the end of the century.
Now I don’t know about you.....but the folks in Minot need to take note to this immediately and stop fussing about losing their homes. They should be concentrating more upon the impending disaster noted. What’s going to happen when they go to their favorite spot along the coast, on vacation in coming years? Why in a mere 980 some years...they will have to move their lawn chair back from the surf...possibly three feet or more, or face getting their feet wet!

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REALLY................Perhaps we could send all the money wasted on this stupid sea level study and many others like it, to the folks along these rivers out west, to help increase the quality and breadth of the levee systems which are intended to protect towns and countryside during high water incidents. I do know one thing....having 989 years to prepare for a three foot rise in the sea level is a lot different than packing all your belongings and evacuating your home in a few hours or days...... GET REAL FOLKS.
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Last evening Vick and Lynda gathered in the kitchen to enjoy an evening of water color painting, while I prepared a gourmet meal of Arroz Con Pollo De Skip for them to enjoy. After feasting and chatting, Lynda left for home and we went to the barn to close the animals in for the night.
There were two new bunnies in Ethyl’s pen! The question is now...will she take care of them properly? It is her first litter and she didn’t pull much fur or prepare a nest for indication that she might not know what to do to take care of them. We immediately set forth making a bed in the birthing box for the bunnies and added shorn fur to create a little nest for the bare naked newborns. I placed a heat lamp over the nest to warm their little bodies until we can make further improvements today. We want to install side boards to allow them to in a nest outside of the box so Mom can nurse them....or at least they can find Mom if she doesn’t get into the box. Perhaps they didn’t make it though the night... Who knows? We have yet to be successful in our attempts to have a litter of angora bunnies and this is the third attempt.
We also have an incubator of eggs which should be due on July 7th...and a female Roan duck sitting on two eggs in the barn which should hatch someday soon. That will be an event to behold too. After the lousy two weeks of sadness we’ve endured here...along with friends, we need some brighter things to happen. We would dearly love to see births and young animals foraging with their mammas, much as we’ve observed the Canadian Wild Geese with their gaggle of young. They are getting big and finally starting to display the black and white patterns of their parent’s beauty. We have at least two nesting parent groups with a litter each every year, with more and more returning for the summer.
If the bunnies make it, we’ll post a few pictures when we can.

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