Wednesday, June 22

Wednesday, June 22, 2011... Tragedy Strikes on the Farm AGAIN!!!

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Yesterday started off like any other, as we went to open up the buildings and release the animals for their day of foraging......But as I approached the small barns, I noticed the corn bucket......actually a metal garbage can capable of holding a 50# bag of corn was on its side......empty. Was it a deer? Maybe it was the bear! I didn’t remember seeing it upside down the night before, but who knows? I did remember that it only had an inch or two of corn in the bottom, so no big loss right? WRONG!
I no sooner set the bucket back in the upright position and headed for the brooding house, that Vick yelled to me that Ed, our friend’s one sheep was down and wouldn’t get up. He was lying outside, near the hay bale.
Long, sad, unpleasant story made short.....this was at 9:30 AM ......and by 3:00PM, Ed had died. He had eaten that corn, which fermented and caused such acid and bloat from gas, that the vet had to do emergency procedures to reverse the effects and Ed did not make it. Vick, our friend Isabelle and I assisted the vet throughout the procedure, as she (the vet) worked diligently to save him, but it was not to be. We are all extremely saddened by this...our third loss on the farm in two weeks. This was also a very hard blow for our friend, who loved both her sheep tremendously. We feel so bad for her, for we know how she feels right now! It was just a few days ago we put our oldest dog down and a week before of our oldest alpacas. Thank God she still has Norton, the little black sheep and Rafiki, the alpaca we gave her, to help lessen her loss.
Life moves on....even as our hearts continue to break......for we miss our departed animals so badly.

Later in the afternoon, in an attempt to take our minds off our troubles, we worked on the trellises at the hospice gift shop. With the help of of my favorite, adopted sisters, Vick and I installed an eight foot high...five foot long trellis at each end of the porch, for the snow fountain cherry trees to climb. They look beautiful and add a little more country charm to the hospice gift shop. We will continue to ready things there for a grand opening soon. We want to place a picnic table or two around in the yard, just off the side of the trellis arbors for folks to linger in the beautiful atmosphere of the farm.

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Things were then starting to look up...but we hope it continues and our friend feels much better soon.
Remove Formatting from selection is surely going to rain! I suppose when looking at the sky, I have to concede that there will be little chance for it missing us, for its so dark and gloomy and we have already received several two minute dowsing’s in the last hour.
We need the rain though, because the streams are running a little low right now. I now notice that the weather bureau is calling for increased rain, with the possibility of localized flooding from some torrential downpours, so it should get interesting.
Ahhh yes....into each life, a little rain must fall.....

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