Friday, July 1

Friday, July 1, 2011... Another Friday....JULY Is Here!!! Enjoy It While It Lasts....

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We’re off to Vermont and Northern New York for our regular Friday pick-up of cheese and other items for the farmer’s market tomorrow. It has become a regular weekly folly of wasteful expenditures for us that we will never again see returning to our pockets! We spend $42.00 on gas today, plus the cost of all the products we purchase...and then we spend $15.00 tomorrow for the spot at the market to take in 30.00 to 40.00 bucks or so and spend a little of that on a sandwich and drink while there at the market! VERY PROFITABLE...I must say.
Thank God we enjoy the day while wasting this money we will never see again!
Oh well...when one thinks about is no different than a person who goes for a long ride on Sunday, spending money on gas and lunch while just riding around. They actually gain nothing but the joy of their ride and the scenery they observe along the way, so I guess we’re doing what relaxes us one or two days a week.

We are making great strides with the gardens...around the hospice gift shop and at the front garden pond......and I began to sink posts for the fencing around the perimeter of the west yard, where the garden lies. It will expand the browsing area for the livestock another 33% or so and reduce my mowing to the front yards only.
Next week, I will need to get the chain link fence from my friend and erect it at the brooding house, because the meat birds will soon be ready to be free range foragers. We will process birds and renew the clutch as fast as we regularly can all summer long into the fall. Birds in the freezer can’t be a bad thing as our dollar continues to loose world dominance. Spend it as fast as you can for good hard value. Soon the dollar will be worthless and you will only have what you’ve bought with it!!!!

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See what the dollar is doing?
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Pictures of everything tomorrow afternoon, or evening......

040667 Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm, LLC

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