Sunday, July 3

Sunday, July 3rd... What a Great Day At The Farmer’s Market For A Change......

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Yesterday we arrived at the farmer’s market an hour early to ensure we got a good spot. It was the “Community Garage Sale” day, so we just knew that we regular “Farmer’s Market” folk had better scurry in there before all the garbage, errr...ahem....garage sale folks stole...I mean innocently take our places by mistake.
I’m really glad we went early, because one of the two other vendors could have taken Judy’s or our place! There was a junk guy and a sports memorabilia vendor, other than Judy with her jams & and the council of the arts, who sponsor the event. They had the “All Arts Matters” building open with items for sale inside and some outside under the banner of “Starving Artist’s Sale”.
Actually...we did quite nicely for the day, selling about 40 dozen eggs, 5 jars of honey, 10 Mozzarella balls, 8 cheddar curd cheese bites and 7 containers of Ricotta cheese. Vick also sold a commissioned, stained glass emblem of the Pittsburg Steelers, to a guy that ordered it last fall too. He was elated with it and wants to show it to his friends, whom he thinks will want one too. We sold eggs at home and six started pullets too, so it was a really nice weekend for farm income.

I’m sitting here sweating my buns off as it rains outside. Even with the slight cool breeze blowing through the open house, the humidity causes us to be very uncomfortable. Vick continues to tell me that in her childhood, it was never this warm in the summer...and that air conditioning was never an issue back then. She says it was always cool and lovely in the summer, unlike her home in Brooklyn. Since her father was a professional musician that played the resorts of the Catskills, her entire family would escape the city after school was out and head up here to the resorts which had booked her dad from the previous season. Vick spent all her summers up here as a kid...meeting friends from previous seasons and always meeting new ones. To me, it seems like a dream life for a child, but she longed for a childhood similar to the one I led, living in the rural farm lands of the country....not so much Pennsylvania...but any state, as long as it was farming country. She did spend many years of her life in the country near Lancaster, PA. She and her first husband Carl owned a cottage in Brickersville, just outside of Lititz. There Carl and Vick would escape the rigors of work and New Jersey for a weekend every now and then, allowing Vick to shop and browse among the farmers and Amish of Lancaster county. It was much more commercialized there, than where I grew up in central Pennsylvania. The Big Valley area of Belleville, Mifflin County, was rather economically depressed but blessed with many, many farms of both English and Amish descent. I lived in and around Belleville all my life, working and retiring from the same facility after 37 years...even though that facility once was a single family owned business, before I worked changed names and ownership at least eight times while I was there.....and finally ending up again, as a single family owned business, just before I retired.
Now...Vick has her do I. We have a working farm, full of animals and we have each other to laugh and enjoy it with, as we sell our products and meet new and interesting people.
Wow...I wish this dag gummed humidity just wasn’t so stifling! I could go for a few days like it was on Wednesday or and breezy. What a lovely day, with temperatures in the mid-seventies, sunny with that breeze.
The thunder is rumbling over the horizon...toward Albany. Many times the storms pass us, going either around north or south of us. Albany gets it to our north, while Catskill or Kingston gets it to our south. I believe the Catskill mountain range defects the storms away from us, for even in the winter, the snow seems to do the same as the thunder storms of the summer. I suppose that after the storms drop their rains today...the humidity will then moderate to a more comfortable level and we will enjoy the afternoon.
Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary ... although we have been together for a little better than four years; we only tied the marital knot on July fourth, 2009. We have a little private dinner planned at a local restaurant where we once dined. We found it by chance and were surprised by the excellent cuisine and service of the staff. We’ll enjoy each others company at dinner, take a scenic route home and quietly enjoy the evening at home...just the two of us...the same way we spend our everyday life. That is the real blessing of our marriage anyway; we enjoy it alone...together...daily.

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