Friday, July 22

Friday, July 22, 2011...Hot...Hot...Hot...Hotter Than A Freakin’ Firecracker......

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We gave up the trip to Vermont today. It is 101° in most places, so we feel better sticking close to the farm and the animals when it’s like this. Not that we could do anything if something bazaar occurred, but we still feel better being here as running around up north, wondering if everything is okay here.
Thank God we have the bunny brothel air conditioned this year. It would be unbearable in there if we only had fans like we did last year. Our son from Long Island is due to arrive around 6:00 this evening with one of his step grandsons. He is 17 or 18, so there will be no problem keeping him occupied like a small child would be. Bill will be able to relax and enjoy the evening....and tomorrow afternoon sometime, Nicky and his wife and the rest of the family will arrive for the weekend. We will hang out here, having a cookout tomorrow and they will leave for Long Island Sunday afternoon sometime.
I hope the heat isn’t too overbearing. The alpacas and sheep are taking it better than I thought they would, but would be much more comfortable if it was about 75°, rather than the 98° we are experiencing right now. Come on evening....

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