Monday, July 25

Monday, July 25, 2011...The House Is Empty and Our Dogs Are Back To Normal...

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The sun broke over the ridge around 6:15 this morning to an empty house here... one the dogs are accustomed to. When we have visitors, such as over the weekend, they are in a panic...excited, curious...but also scared and cautious, for they don’t understand new people being in here when they come down the stairs in the morning. Once we are all up and milling around, they accept the confusion with some reluctance, but finally settle in and seem okay with their surroundings.
Nicky and Dee were here with their boys Brian and Noah, to visit along with Bill. Loraine couldn’t make it because of family sickness in Florida...where she went instead, to be with her Dad. It was not a great visit, due to the oppressive heat outside, so we were almost relegated to remaining inside, taking short ventures out into the stifling heat....but I believe they had fun.
Now we will get back to our busy, busy agenda for the week.
Yesterday afternoon, we took the truck to Lowe’s and picked up, then delivered Judy’s new garden tractor and a big step ladder for Lynda...dropping it at her antique shop. After we delivered and visited with both Judy and Lynda for a few minutes, we met Lynda for dinner at the Hollow Brook Restaurant.
Leaving there well after dark, we returned home to put the animals in for the night and retired early, calling it a day.
It seems we have things planned for every day this week, if the weather co-operates...yet we need the rain so badly that we will re-arrange things to work with whatever we get.
I’ll repair Lynda’s mower deck and build a slide gate on her chicken house, cutting into the large kennel fence which is right up against the coop, so she can let the hens out...yet keep them out of her perennial & vegetable garden. We bought a new bearing spindle tower on-line...which was delivered to her a few weeks ago, so I’d say we need to get it installed before the old tower ruins the belt. It won’t take long to change out.
The rest of the week is meetings, vehicle inspections, Doctors visits and pickups...
Then there is the regular farm and personal stuff to do.
Jeeze Um.....retired and still can’t get everything done.....Glad we ain’t workin’!!!

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