Tuesday, July 26

Tuesday, July 26, 2011...My Shop Is All Set Up...Now For The System Plans......

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Some time ago, when Vick first started processing our sheep and alpaca fiber, I decided that since she would have an endless supply of yarn, roving and raw fiber, we would need a store. Yes...a place for our refrigerator to keep the eggs and cheese cold, yet readily available...A store for our maple syrup, honey and other goods too. In this store, we would then also be able to offer fiber processing items such as combs, blending hackles, drop spindles, niddy noddies, swifts and skein winders. I would guess that Vick will...in time...find a good quality spinning wheel to offer among the other things available in our store, making it a full circle fiber processing facility available to our customer visitors. I’ll enjoy making these items in the basement all winter long and stocking them in the farm store. The drill press, disc & belt sander and table saw are now assembled and in the basement, so I can start to produce fiber tools for Vick to offer with her fiber and yarns.
There is nothing like offering a product to customers which was either grown or made here on the farm. I think it is cool that folks will be able to come here and see the chickens, sheep, alpacas and bunnies...then buy eggs or fiber from those animals...and maybe purchase some fiber tools made here to process it on at their homes. WOW, what a feeling of accomplishment when you can be self sufficient in this day and age with our world becoming what it is!
I believe many people are returning to a more simple way of life. Many want the security of knowing that they have a few chickens in the back yard and that they can grow their own food in the garden. They like the idea that they can produce yarn to make clothing if necessary or simply to produce Afghans and blankets to keep warm on cold winter nights. Some people are preparing for what they project as a governmental failure. If that should come to pass, I’m sure a gun would be a good protection plan. Unfortunately one would need to be prepared to kill, to make sure that no one would simply steal all you had. Chaos will surely break out all over the world as people simply took what they wanted, for and there will not be any secure place to keep anything you own!
Anyway... we will offer neat things in our farm store as soon as we can get it built. Unfortunately...... as we’ve said before, weeks ago.....we can do nothing until the contractor shows up to do the drainage around the barn. (if ever...)

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