Thursday, July 28

Thursday, July 28, 2011...Finally Home After A Busy Day...With More To Do!!!

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Yesterday we went to a beautiful alpaca farm in Old Chatham, where we picked up out two new Suri alpacas. Phoenix and Slugger are now in the front pasture, standing at the gate...nose to nose with Luke...where they have been since we unloaded them out of our friend Isabelle’s trailer yesterday afternoon.
The morning started as a waiting game. Mid-Hudson Cablevision had us on an all day appointment for their high speed hookup, which would eliminate the lousy Verizon DSL we had been plagued with ever since we took their 3-way package of phone, internet and Direct TV. The TV is excellent, along with the phone service, but the DLS internet was terrible. We had to reset and reboot our wireless router and occasionally Verizon’s little black box...sometimes 5 or 6 times a day.
Anyway, they came early to install the line and equipment, so we met Isabelle at her house around 2:00. The folks we were getting the alpaca from were there too, so after a quick introduction by Isabelle and a little planning...we went to Old Chatham, Spruce Ridge Farm, a beautiful alpaca facility where Phil and his wife were boarding some thirty alpacas. We took two of them off their hands to reduce his boarding fee a bit and to replace Iggy, our beloved Suri we lost on May 30th.
We were really impressed with Spruce Ridge and Steve McCarthy, one of the owners. They have a beautiful farm with approximately 100 alpacas there....60 or so, being their own, with the rest as borders. We spent a good hour there talking with Steve and looking at their fiber & apparel store, before heading home with Phoenix & Slugger.
When we got home and settled in....Vick worked with our friend Lynda and I installed the ceiling fans in the hospice gift shop. Before that, I installed the new radio and sound system in the barn for the animals. Once that was all completed and the animals were in for the night, I was ready for a good hot shower and bed!
What a day.............
What will today bring???? Just Wait and see.......

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