Friday, July 29

Friday, July 29th.... We’re off to the Vermont Cheese Factory and Other Points North...

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It is time to go to Bennington Vermont to pick up our weekly order of Cheddar curd bites, Ricotta, Mozzarella...both regular and smoked, and finally, the new feta which folks really like. We have been enjoying the feta on Vick’s Italian mixed salads and believe it really adds the final zing to it! We’ll head further north to pick up honey and syrup if possible too. I just need to email the suppliers to see if we can arrange for a pickup today. Our friend Isabelle is planning to go along, because she like us....have found Friday’s to be a fun road we’re hoping her little dog Mable is feeling good enough to go. (She has be pretty sick lately)
Anyway, we will pick up our cheese in Vermont and then drive north into Salem, New York to the Battenkill Creamery for some ice cream (our main treat with Isabelle) and on the way to West Hebron where we go to pick up great honey from Starlit Ridge Farm. We may make several stops along the in Cambridge, at the farmer’s food co-op. They have lots of good stuff which we often buy for our own use at home, like short grain brown rice, red lentils and other bulk organic foods. When we get home, we usually relax a bit, put the animals in for the night and get to bed early so we can get up early for the farmer’s market on Saturday morning.

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