Monday, July 11

Monday, July 11, 2011...Gotta Tell Ya...We’re Lovin’ These Alpacas and Sheep......

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All summer long I’ve only had to mow the front yard, a little chunk in front of the barn...and the west yard, where the raised bed garden is located. We have saved major money on feed and hay for the livestock and gas for the mower, along with my time. I used that time to begin installing fence posts around the west yard perimeter, which will allow the livestock to browse and graze there as well, increasing their pasture size to allow re-growth without locking them out of any portion of the farm pastures. I was amazed at how much they eat! Now wonder we spent as much as we did year round until we got the fencing installed. Wow what a money saver that project was. Everything such as this helps us become more efficient and prosperous on the farm itself.
We are now working on the fencing for the meat birds, which will immediately come out to forage as soon as we finish the fencing. I’ll cut a small slide door in the brooding house and the flock will reside in one quarter of the building, with free ranging available in the daylight hours....all day long. Once we place them in that area, we must then start feeding them the high protein feed and put on the weight...getting ready for the processor and freezer, making them available to all our farmer’s market customers every week. We should have the birds out today. We finished the fencing I have to cut the slide gate door today and the birds will then be out!
Steve is coming soon to install the drainage system around the barn to eliminate the rain and spring thaw water accumulation inside and around the barn. Once that is completed, we will begin construction of the farm store, which will be an extremely quaint and cozy, country store styling from the early thirties or forties. We want a large wooden counter, wooden shelves for the honey and maple syrup, along with roving, yarns, and raw fiver in bins. I am going to begin making fiber combs and drop spindles later for spinning and Vick will begin stocking these things and more after the store is completed. It will be nice to get the refrigerator out of the center area of the barn and into a clean atmosphere. Once the store is completed, I’ll hook up the compressor and clean the refrigeration unit out with compressed air and we’ll then place the refrigerator in the store to remain clean for ever more. We will keep our cheese and eggs in it along with frozen chickens, etc. for sale to customers.
Until Steve gets the drainage completed so we can start construction there...we’ll work on fencing the west yard the rest of the way in. After that, when we feel like it, we’ll place posts around the perimeter of the pond where the rope fence is now. No rush there though...just when there is free time and I want something to do.
Below are a bunch of pictures I took of the farm... just to keep you all updated with what we are doing. There are some of the garden, the animals, the hospice gift shop flowers and more. I’ll post the fencing and meat birds once they are out free ranging. ENJOY!!!!!

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