Saturday, July 9

Saturday, July 9th... Good News To All That Helped And Are Willing Again...

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Matthew Rosiello, his dad Kenny, His Mom Randy and brother Jason
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We received this email last evening from our son in East Meadow, Long Island, New York stating the following:


(pardon the spelling as I am typing fast) .

Dear Friends, Relatives & Supporters,

As of 5pm on Thursday 7/7/11 Matthew Rosiello was finally given his LIVER TRANSPLANT in a Hospital in the heart of Ohio. Matthew's 10 hour operation to replace his liver culminated at approx.3am this morning and also included a reconstruction of his intestines. As of 8am Matthew was of the respirator and breathing on his own, in pain, but talking with is mother, father and brother in the ICU. Matthew who on July 4th had a life threatening liver infection, (which is almost gone) is finally, after 21 years, feeling "in the Pink". His yellow, jaundiced like skin tint from Biliary Atresia is gone and he has the hue of most normal people. Not even a sign of grey from the intense anesthesia. Now comes the recovery, the anti infection measures and the very expensive anti- rejection drugs and therapy. We thank you for ALL YOU SUPPORT and help with our nephew as the worst seems to finally be over. Keep Matt in your Prayers and we promise to keep you updated on Matthew’s condition periodically.

Sincerely and thankfully yours
With tons of love to you and yours
Bill, Loraine and Andrew Alderman

Now, as Bill mentioned above, the cost of the “very expensive” anti-rejection medicine, subsequently more frequent check-up appointments to monitor liver function and Matt’s recovery and operation costs are still an issue for Matt and his family. We are again asking anyone able to send a donation to Matthew to help defer the mounting costs, to simply click on the “Donate” button on the left side of the page under his picture. Give yourself that SUPER SPECIAL feeling that only comes to you for doing something generous and necessary for someone in need. Only YOU...can make God smile.

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