Friday, July 8

Friday, July 08, 2011... TODAY is the day...The One and Only...50th...

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I know a person who was born on July the 8th...1961...who is celebrating her birthday you are reading this posting. She has worked hard to get where she is today...which I will not completely divulge, but to say that she is a successful Psychologist and works in a New York School...and is an accomplished author of a book, with another on the way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Loraine! Enjoy your day and many, many more birthdays to come. We love you!

Birds, Birds, Birds....They are everywhere in the brooding house. Today I broke lock-down early....due to the fact that we had 17 chicks hatched out for the last two days and we wanted to make sure they had water and food. There are still two chicks in the incubator that obviously just hatched out today, so they will stay in there until the tenth, as we originally intended for them all to do. We just didn’t expect them to start hatching early. They were all to hatch at the same time.... but Go FIGURE!
Sooooooo, tomorrow morning we will check, feed and water all the livestock and chickens, then take off for Vermont and Northern Vermont, as usual for Friday!
Vick placed the cheese order and Tim assured me the honey will be ready and awaiting our pickup in East Hebron... and then it will be back to The Battenkill Creamery for lunch and an ice cream cone. After that it is on to Greenwich for syrup and then home to get ready for the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.
Maybe I can talk Vick and Isabelle into a nice restaurant stop instead of a cold lunch at the Creamery....Who knows. I like The Burger Barn along route 22.......
Who Knows?

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