Saturday, July 30

Saturday Eve, July 30th... What A Lovely Day At The Market and With Friends...

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Today was a great day to be at the farmer’s market. The wind was gently blowing and occasionally, there was a gust that gave that all welcome cooling to the surrounding area. We sold lots of eggs, cheese and especially honey... like seven bottles in total. Upon leaving the market at closing, we went to East Durham and picked up submarine sandwiches at Lawyer’s country store. We were told many times about how delicious their sandwiches were and we have to agree. They are Um, Um Good. After returning home with our food and changing vehicles, we went to Cairo to get the last picnic table for the hospice gift shop garden. Vick got the umbrella at Lowe’s and ordered the table to be picked up this afternoon, so we went and got it. On the way home, we stopped at Judy’s and saw her Peacocks, cats and picked up a box of watercolor pictures she had. We were home for awhile and Lynda came to work on craft things with Vick on the back porch.
Soon it will be dark and time to put the birds away and call it a night.

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