Sunday, July 31

Sunday, July 31, 2011... What a Beautiful Summer Morning on the Farm...

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I got up this morning at 7:00Am and the sun was already up...not clearing the tall trees at the edge of the yard, but even then, there was a lovely day promised! The alpacas are out and running...the chickens are clucking and there is a nice breeze blowing. Today can finally be a “do whatever” that we will take advantage of to do whatever we feel is in need of doing or something we have wanted to do, but haven’t had the time to accomplish.
I will positively stretch the vinyl covered cable out and make sure it is long enough to out up for a one piece clothesline for Vick. I got the cable in Vermont on Friday, but was not sure it is long enough. The guy at the store said I could bring it back if it was too short and he would have a new spool there this Friday for me to get the correct length. It’s cool to do business with people like Whitman’s Feed Store in North Bennington, Vermont.
They’re feed prices are a bit higher than we’re accustom to here, but they are nice folks and their prices are no higher than anyone else up in northern New York either.
Vick is painting the wainscoting wall in the an attempt to match the kitchen cupboards. She is darkening the grooves and painting the over lying wood surface the same color as the cupboards... which will look good....almost as if they were the same color scheme.
I was out and turned the animals loose for the day, cleaned a little and packaged some alpaca beans to be shipped to a guy in Ohio. He will use them for some kind of fertilizer in a garden or flower bed I suppose, but I’ll get them ready to ship.
It seems like it will be a really good day to hit the pool, because it is getting pretty warm out there right now...maybe later this afternoon some. The hot tub is reserved for the evenings, just before retiring to bed.

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