Sunday, July 17

Sunday, July, 17 2011... Off to a Special Event...A Ninetieth Birthday Party...

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It will be with great pleasure that we attend the 90th birthday party for Stanley Maltzman today at another friend’s home. Stan turned 90 on July fourth this year and is still out and about...teaching painting, water color and drawing to those wishing to learn. He still travels around the state exhibiting his artwork from his gallery down the road and is booked for teaching engagements around the Capital District and beyond. Vick and I always enjoy our time spent with Stan and Joyce, his friend.

Yesterday at the market was pretty slow and boring. Little did we know (or remember, maybe...) that there was a music jamboree down the road in one direction... an auction at a church in another direction...and a town wide yard sale in Coxsackie...the other direction. That left us in the middle with but a few folks stopping on their way to these other events. We stuck it out for the entire market, but were disturbed by the attendance.

When the market was over, as we were packing things up...Our friends Jiri and Erika stopped and informed us that they were making headway with necessary footwork preceding their securing a driveway into the property they just purchased and are actively moving closer to construction of that driveway and their new house. Once finished, they will move here from New Jersey...and Jiri will operate his construction business here until his retirement. He and Erika will have such a beautiful house in lovely, secluded stand of timber at the end of a long lane, turning off a local quiet back road. They will be able to view wildlife from their front porch and relax in nature’s tranquility. We are excited for them and glad to be of help with anything they, during the construction and after. They are special friends that we love dearly.

This afternoon, after returning from the birthday party, we will probably work in the yard, finishing up some started projects and possibly mow a little.

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