Saturday, August 20

Saturday, August 20, 2011...A Lousy Day at the Farmer’s Market Seems Normal...

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Yes a lousy turnout seems to be the norm at the farmer’s market these days. I realize there are many other venues occurring at this time and people are traveling, vacationing or possible just taking in the fairs and carnivals in various surrounding towns, but it’s becoming pretty discouraging to say the least. I’m up at 6:00AM almost every morning, so getting things ready and being there set up and ready to sell by 9:00 AM isn’t an issue for me at all, but when the community you are supporting doesn’t reciprocate by supporting and buying your items, you wonder of it’s even worth your while to attend anymore.
While we have a few returning customers every week which support us, the entire town is less than supportive, especially when we give up going to other places with lots of traffic....lots of traffic which has nothing to do with our community that we so dedicatedly stand by and support weekly.
After leaving the market, returning and putting everything away, Judy came over with a box of goodies for us to deliver to Lynda’s antique shop when we went over to fix her chicken coop and outside yard run. We cut a hole in the wire and secured the pen to the side of the coop so the door could be opened for the chickens to freely move from inside the coop to out in the yard. It provided them access to the outside fenced in yard with security against predators, like fox and coyotes. When we finished that we, along with Lynda, went to Paul’s in Coxsackie for a pizza dinner.
That is about all that went on here today....and now it’s over!!! What a day.

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