Friday, August 19

Friday, August 19, 2011... A Friday at Home For The First Time All Summer Long...

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Today should be a good day to hook up my grinder, the acetylene torch and weld the aluminum base for the lamp post so I can get it back up and in place. Then I can finally end the ugly sight of the empty concrete pillar base with the wires twisted and secured by wire nuts where the lamp post once stood. I bumped it, breaking the base off; while plowing snow last winter and the aluminum was too thin to arc weld, so I had to wait until I could use the acetylene to weld it. I finally found acetylene rods at Tractor Supply in Glenmont and a special tip to use propane in place of the acetylene, so I’ll hook it up along with the oxygen bottle and stick weld the base. (Hopefully) Below are a series of pictures I shot this morning... one of Vick’s newest garden attempt...the alpacas...our new signage and a problem at the corner of the pasture gate, which will take a can of hornet spray and darkness to resolve. (Those suckers are big and probably have stingers measuring four feet long!) Yowl.....I gotta make sure nothing goes wrong with that operation this evening....FOR SURE!
Another thing I would like to do today is sink some new fence posts across the back yard area...from the place I left off by the Wilson House to the big dirt pile, where we will turn the corner, add a gate to access the manure pile and onward to the corner of the back shed. There will be a little length between the read shed and the brooding house and then I will be off to the other side of the “Island side of the pond to join at the meat bird pen and run to the open water at the end of the pond. That will close off the entire woods side of the yard to coyotes and foxes...making it hard for them to snatch chickens and ducks. I have a fixture made up to measure exactly ten feet between posts, so it makes it much quicker to put them in....I measure with it, spray a spot on the ground, get on the tractor and drill the post hold, place the post, put the dirt in and using the fixture, measure the next post from the one just installed...mark and drill again and again... It’s pretty quick. Stay tuned for photos of the installation procedure.......

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