Thursday, August 18

Thursday, August 18, 2011...And They Wonder Why We Old Codgers Daydream...

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When I was younger and feeling my oats...running and ripping, trying to make a place for myself in this wild and crazy world, I would often see old fogies sitting quietly...almost mesmerized and seeming to be in another world. Now I know what they were doing! They were in another world...a place from their memory....when things were simple and calm and nice...where they could exist and be comfortable with what was going on around them! They were dreaming of a world that was sane...a world they happily lived in... until we grew up and took over, messing the whole thing up. We thrust them into a world of computers, the technology making massive media coverage of world events as they happened possible and an everyday routine...changing the economy, educational system and politics. We removed everything they had worked to achieve and add to our country. We bitched and complained about rights....rights for minorities...the same minorities that would turn their backs on us later, to achieve their own evil and selfish agendas, which now oppress and take from us!

Now we are the codgers... the fogies wondering where in the hell our world went... just like those old fogies that I used to look at. Now all we see is killing, plundering, lying, war and taking from the poor to support the rich and worthless. In a shot time period, we went from the strongest agricultural, industrial and technological production, to a nation of cringing givers who worry about being politically correct in everything we think, say or do. It is no wonder we all sit in our chairs, looking like sixties pot heads....seemingly in another place, in another time....because that is where I am half the time. When I am here and thinking straight, I am constantly wondering how an entire nation and all it’s political leadership......can be so corrupt, selfish and uncaring about their own children and grandchildren, that they will sell them out, destroying their future... A future which will be served under another; not a life to be lived....but a life sentence of service, to a tyrant leader. Then I wonder all over again....How did we let this happen? How could we explain this to all our forefathers who fought and died for this country and our future? It makes me ashamed and sad...

Yesterday was another Lyme’s killer day for me. I had the classic, crippling lower leg pain, sore knees, sore wrists and thumbs all of which rotate between aching or just severe jabbing pains. My choice of treatment, in lieu of any doctor’s lack of interest would be Ibuprofen or a lot of wine. And then it only numbs the pain.
Since I know the pain will last all day long, we decided to go to Shandaken to pick up screens for the windows in the hospice gift shop. Putting them in the windows so they can be opened will aid in making it tolerable for Vick, Isabelle, Lynda, Judy or Joan to remain in there, working to finish the pricing and display of the art for the opening which is slated for September 11
th. (A rain date of September 18th was chosen as a back-up)
Isabelle and Mable (her Eskie) went along for the ride.... and both she and Vick hit every neat little novelty store along the way from Woodstock, to Shokan, to Mt Tremper, and Phoenicia...checking out their wares and goodies. I sat in the car with Mable and munched on an old fashioned licorice roll, a few hard candies and an ice cream cone... treats which I was supplied with at each stop, for being as good as the dog. We did click a few pictures, which are below. One is of a pile of rubbish going into Phoenicia...What it means I don’t know and the focus is a little off, but the sign says, “
Bye-Bye Phoenicia”... The elk are at the Armstrong Elk Farm.

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