Sunday, August 14

Sunday, August 14, 2011...What A Week For Computers & Problems... Yuck!!!

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This week has been a major bust for my computer, the programs... conflicting programs and being busy beyond my wildest imagination. I was inflicted by something....a virus.... an all too innocent conflict pertaining to Norton and something else on my computer...something to the extent of making Norton think my computer was a t risk for invasion. In fact, my invasion protection was knocked out and locked-up to the point where I had to remove the Norton program and have it re-installed to correct the problem. It lasted for a few days before I actually got Norton involved and resolved the issue. Then we were running all over the place, getting ready for the farmer’s market and then for company on Sunday or Monday. My daughter Joanne and two grandsons are coming to visit for a few days, bringing her mother-in-law, Paula...whom I know from my teenage years in Pennsylvania, where I grew up. We haven’t seen my daughter since last fall when we went to Pa to visit my Dad and her...along with having a surprise visit from my son Joe, his wife Christina and kids, while we were visiting Joanne, my youngest of two daughters. In fact, today is Joe’s birthday, and I’ll wish him a very happy birthday here in case he reads it, otherwise I will write him on facebook and regular email.
Today will be a bit of a challenge in light of everything happening. Vick will spend the day at Lynda Witt’s antique barn, along with a bunch of other friends, at what they are calling “Garden Daze”...where they are selling perennial plants all day. I will deliver the tent, my bottle trees, put up some signs and then leave for Coxsackie, where I will be picking up a large tent building which we will house ten round bales in for the winter. It should really be an interesting day to say the least, So off I go to start my quest....

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