Monday, August 15

Monday, Aug. 15th... Hard to believe a 12’ by 20’ building makes such a small pile...

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Yesterday morning, Vick went to Lynda’s for the Garden Daze plant sale, to which she was one of eight plant vendors selling perennials for a little bit of nothing...and that’s exactly what they got...A little bit of nothing. There were very few people that stopped and a few which bought, so the day was a total bust for all of the girls in attendance. There were mosaics, jewelry, jams & soaps, artwork and bottle trees. Lots and lots of nice stuff to buy and only a little rain fell, so it should have been better.
I went to Coxsackie and picked up our building that was given to us by friends of Isabelle’s. We went there to see it when it was still be sure it was something we could use before telling Angie we would take it. It looked quite large and both Isabelle and I thought I would need our trailer to haul it. Boy...was we wrong! I dragged the trailer all the way there and then discovered I could (and did) easily place it in the truck bed and transport it home. It was such a little pile of tubing and a little square pile of folded tarps.
After returning home and unloading it, I went back to Lynda’s Witt’s antique shop, where the plant sale was taking place and removed Lynda’s mower deck to replace the worn out bearing tower. I need four new bolts though, because the old ones were threaded into the aluminum tower base and corroded so badly that they just broke off...and a gallon of WD40 would not save them in their condition! I will simply replace those with (4) ¼-20 x 1” long, grade 8 bolts and lock nuts. I’ll get them at GNH Lumber and have the mower deck back under the tractor in 15 minutes...running like a new one! (Even though she will not be able to mow all week long for the rain) ((BUT THAT’S GOOD))
It appears that everyone wants to see a bunch of pictures on here, so I’m gonna start posting a bunch. The only problem with that, is fact that this lousy program doesn’t cooperate much with pictures and text accompaniment, so instead of trying for hours to post comments next to pictures, I’ll describe the events and then you can look at the pictures in a group...I took these to send to my daughter Joanne. They are of Vick’s sunflowers, a beautiful Mosaic she bought , the alpacas, the bottle tree and misc. pictures around the yard...Also included is a picture of Vick’s latest watercolor masterpiece. Her majestic sunflower! Enjoy

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