Thursday, August 4

Thursday, August 4th... The Contractor Came, He Conquered, He Left...

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The contractor showed up yesterday morning and started digging to install the drainage ditch around the barn, leading it to empty in the pond. Now the rain water will simply run down into the stones, enter the pipe and go to the pond, all underground. That will stop the outside water from entering the barn and save the bottom boards around the wall too. As they were working on that project, we ran to Albany Steel in Menands/Watervliet, to pick up a bunch of bulk steel rod, which I need to make bottle trees, so we can sell them in the farm store. (Which I can also now start working on, since the drainage project is completed) I really got no pictures of their work, because they were done digging and stuff before we got back. They had left and I just got everything returned to its proper place when it began to rain. Sweet, WET RAIN!!! The problem is...that it didn’t rain long enough to even make a mud puddle anywhere! All we can do is hope and pray that it will rain a bit more. Today, I’ll work at making some bottle trees out of the material we got yesterday. We were to go over to Vick’s parents’ house and bring them here to stay for a few days, but her Mom was ill, so they cancelled until later. Perhaps we will go to Coxsackie to our friend Isabelle’s and pick up some wire fencing she has for us. I could continue digging holes and planting posts again too. It will be nice to finish the fence around the west yard, where the garden is, so the dogs could run out there, when the alpacas aren’t grazing there. I’ll snap a bunch of pictures when I go out to release the animals. Then you all can see the latest projects and improvements we’ve made. I’ll post them later today......

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