Saturday, August 6

Saturday, August 06, 2011...This Early Morning Visitor Got Everyone Awake......

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This morning I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing eggs when the Guinea Fowl started raising Cain! I watched for a moment and saw them running this way...then that, grouping and squawking....then running like something was chasing them. I immediately thought FOX! I grabbed my 12 gauge and stood on the deck, watching the Guineas worry and worry about. I thought damned....I should go grab my shoes and try to get closer, but was afraid to divert my attention form the spot that I felt the Guineas were defending by grouping and I stood steady with the gun at ready, when all of a sudden I saw him...Not a fox, but a coyote! He dashed across the opening (without a chicken or duck) and crossed the dirt pile I used for a shooting backstop for target practice. He was gone in a heart beat, which is usual for a coyote. I stood fast, watching the area beyond the dirt pile, hoping to get a shot at him as he cautiously slunk away. I didn’t see him! I figured he turned at a right angle and slipped away with the dirt pile between us. CRAP...I thought; now he’ll be back again to steal a duck or chicken and I might not be here or notice the Guinea Fowl ratting on him. I wished again I had the 250-3000 rifle I kept in the kitchen instead of the shotgun. Then I saw him! The rascal canine has sneaked back to the top of the dirt pile and was watching the Guinea Fowls as they tattled on him again, divulging his location by darting charges toward him and the dirt pile and then rapid retreats to the small barn area. I leveled the 12 gauge and took a bead on his head and fired two rapid succession blasts and watched.....only to see a gray streak of lightning crashing through the underbrush to the left of the dirt pile. I threw another load of #4’s at him in passing, but felt he was too far away during all three shots to be certain of a hit. Had I leveled the 250-3000 on him while standing on that pile watching the Guinea Fowl, he would never have left the pile...not until I disposed of him anyway! Oh well......time will tell if he ever comes back. That round of loud blasts in the early morning hour positively had everyone awake instantly! The dogs were all barking and Vick had her nose pasted to the upstairs window, wanting to know what I shot at. The dogs then all cowered behind her!!
After that, we went to the Batavia Kill Stream Celebration in Ashland, near Windham, to see our friend Judy. She was there selling her jams, soaps and candles. It was raining and damp, so we were all chilly standing there! On the way home, we stopped and picked up ten more lbs. of honey for the farmer’s market next week. We decided not to go this week, because we just didn’t feel like it!!! We’re burnt out, and besides, there was a big funeral going on today and there were people everywhere, but we figured they would not stop at the market, because it would be less than crude and show little respect for the local girl’s family, so we didn’t bother to go this week. Next week will come soon enough.

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