Monday, September 5

Monday, September 05, 2011...Went Onto the Mountain to Deliver A Table Saw...

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Yesterday morning after we got the animals fed and released for the day, we took a portable table saw and dropped if off at the Lexington post office, where they had a food pantry and collection site manned by locals and the National Guard. They had the road closed at that point (the intersection of 23A & 42) due to two bridges being out They were calling for anything that could be used in rebuilding people’s homes which were lost in the flooding of Irene. We thought perhaps the bridge between Vick’s parents and the Lexington fire house on route 42 had been repaired and we could drive up to see them, but it hadn’t and we could not get to their house yet. We were within five miles or so, yet might as well have been way across the country... hours and miles the old saying, “So close, yet so far away.”

While we were passing by Hunter, the location of Traphagen Honey, we stopped and picked up another ten, 1 pound bottles of wildflower honey for the market. We need to go to Washington County, to pick up some maple syrup which Vick ordered and maybe some of our friend Tim’s honey too. We are getting low on our stock and in the coming weeks, we will enter into pancake season, so the maple syrup and honey will start to sell pretty well and the eggs will continue to sell out!

Looks like today will be a what-ever day...That is a day where you perform what ever you can in the allotted time remaining as things come up or you just work from your list of “always have things to do”. I will attempt to install the phone line to the hospice gift shop to facilitate the credit card machine and a phone extension. It shouldn’t be too tough, as I have it planned and ready to install. There are always other little things needing done to, so I guess I should get cracking... Hopefully not the eggs I need to wash and box first! LOL

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