Thursday, September 8

Thurs. Sept. 8th...Did A Newspaper Interview OnThe Hospice Gift Shop Opening...

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A reporter from the Greenville Pioneer was here at 8:30 yesterday morning to do an opening interview for the gift shop. It should have been done sooner, but the weather didn’t co-operate and still isn’t. After the interview, we had to run to Lowe’s to get some items needed to finish the data line from the house to the shop, which will facilitate the use of the credit card machine. Once it is hooked up and the phone is in place, we can run a credit card transaction for anything sold in the gift shop building or from the farm stand or store.
We decided to leave all the animals in their housings yesterday, due to the torrential rains we were experiencing throughout the night. All we could imagine was the momma duck with her five tiny babies going over the breast of the dam and her trying to get them back to the barn after that... We also have five juvenile ducks which were given to us recently....and a wild Canadian goose that has taken up residence in the barn. He (or she) is sweet and must have been a pet somewhere, because he is loving and follows us around....lets you pick it up and talks to us. We called him Doodles and told him he is welcome to stay as long as he likes.
As soon as the newspaper interview was over, we took off for upstate New York and Bennington, Vermont, where we picked up a bunch of cheese product, syrup and so on. We saw a bunch of flooding along the way, as we drove up route 22, along the Massachusetts line near West Stockbridge and Pittsfield Ma. The Hoosick River was overflowing its banks, destroying standing corn for a second time in a week. Some houses along the way had water all around them...soon to enter the dwelling, again....for a second time in a week.
We made out way to Bennington to pick up our cheese, and then proceeded to a little place west of Salem, NY called Garden Works, where we checked out the latest artwork displayed in the loft of the barn. We then made a quick stop at the Battenkill Creamery for an ice cream cone. The creamery recently won the award for the HIGHEST QUALITY MILK IN NEW YORK STATE. They were presented the title on August 30th 2010 at the State Fair in Syracuse, NY. The title was awarded by Cornell University’s Department of Food Science and if you ever have the chance to try their ice cream, it shows! It is super delicious and creamy!!
Leaving the creamery, we headed west to Greenwich, to pick up some maple syrup from our supplier and then on the Battenkill Fiber Mill to pick up finished alpaca yarn belonging to Isabelle, our friend. We then headed home to collapse....tired, happy and happy with our day... except that we never did make it to Lowe’s.
Oh well, today we will get there, pick up the few materials and then, we can get back to readying everything for the grand opening of the hospice gift shop. I will take updated photos inside the shop and update the web page. (FINALLY...)

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