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Sunday, August 28, 2011...The Farmer’s Market a Usual Bust...Before the Storm...

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The farmer’s market again broke all the records for being a real waste of time except for the camaraderie between the produce farmers, Razzberry Raccoon Jams, soaps & candles and us selling eggs, cheeses, honey and maple syrup.
Today, we sold 18 dozen eggs and one lousy container of cheddar bites.
Judy sold about twelve dollars worth of stuff and the farmer seems to carry out as much stuff as he brought in to start. I’m afraid we will all have to contemplate returning next year at all...and I’ve already heard groans and mumbles about not coming back. I hope it gets better when the crisp fall weather comes, along with apples, peaches and other good baked goods.

We have been missing one of our three cats for three full days now and were finally, almost resolved to the fact that she was caught by one or more of the coyotes out back in the fields, when she magically showed up last evening. We were overjoyed that she came home and it relieved us of the worry that we might have locked her in somewhere and she died from starvation....however on day two, I went all over the property opening everything up to make sure she was not trapped in anywhere. Now we know she was just gallivanting somewhere. (As usual)
Hopefully, she will stay here at least during the hurricane and bad weather, so we know where she is and that she is safe.

It is now raining profusely....has been since 2:00 AM, without pause or reduction. It is as if there is a huge garden hose or bucket up there and the rain is being sprayed or poured consistently. Usually it comes and goes in intensity, but not this is steady and unwavering....

The power just went off three times, coming back on shortly in between... There isn’t even any wind blowing the trees here yet, so I suppo

Wednesday, August 31, 2011.... It is now 7:18 in the morning and we only got power back late last evening. We still have no internet service or phone. It has been simply an inconvenience to us here.....Many have died, lost family members, personal property or their homes, in the area East of us and on the mountain.
42,000 people are still without electrical service in New York, so we have NOTHING to worry or complain about. We had a little water in the basement (⅞”), had to carry water for the animals from the pond and couldn’t shower, so big whoop! We had it easy with a generator we kept moving from refrigerator, to freezer, to sump pump, and back to the other refrigerator, but we kept things cool and dry. The animals were comfy in the dry barn with the new drainage system we recently installed, so we did rather well and now we have power back and can go back to 99% normal.

Thursday, September 01, 2011... Mid-Hudson cable just hooked our internet cable back onto the pole and rebooted us. We are back with little loss, but won’t have phone service until next Thursday sometime. We’ll survive and we’re thankful that for all that happened to us...we barely suffered at all! Many towns around us are almost non-existent as a result of torrential flooding and many people lost their lives on the mountain. They do, however need to revise their attitudes up there, because their local radio station and some others up there have turned help away, saying they take care of their own and don’t want our help. Vick called our town clerk to ask where we should call to volunteer our help with anything we could do and she said they contacted people up there and that they basically said, “We don’t need your help.” That butthole needs to make that statement around those people that lost their homes...or have no gas or food and are stranded because all the roads are washed away. Supermarket shelves are food....restaurants are closed without power, food and refrigeration for any food which they did have. Helicopters and the National Guard are air lifting food and supplies to stranded folks up there. Vick’s parents are up there without lights, food, and gas or needed supplies...and all the roads are washed away, leaving no way to get out. It is too far for her parents to walk to a main road where we could pick them up......because I don’t think we could get within miles of their house. As soon as the road is passable, we’ll definitely pick up her parents to stay here with us until everything on the mountain is stable and they can return to their house.
Below are pictures of what happened around us...nothing exciting nor devastating like areas down the road a little ways....and toward or on the mountain, but our story.......

Friday, September 02, 2011... We have finally recovered enough to be able to sit and finish the blog and post pictures of the hurricane.
(All the wires you see along the road and our driveway are 12,470 volt primary we were a little concerned about crossing them. A downed line just like this was live in Freehold for the entire day Sunday....burning a two foot diameter hole down through the macadam roadway, so you cannot trust downed wires to be dead or shut off!)

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