Friday, August 26

Friday, August 26, 2011... Inching Toward Our Favorite Time of the Year...

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We are rapidly inching toward fall days, which are Vick and my favorite time of the year. I love that the mode of life changes... and I suppose it reverts back to my childhood when school had just started...everyone was settled back in after all the summer trips, visits and vacations to begin a routine life again. The days became shorter and the smells of summer were replaced with fall smells. You saw corn shocks on porches, Indian corn wreaths or a bunch of ears grouped and hanging from doors. The smells of apples and other fall fruits fill the air with their wafting odors... yellow jackets abound this time of the year, competing with us for the goodies at the various fairs and festivals. There is enough of a chill to make a flannel shirt feel comfy and cuddling in front of a fire outside was all the rage. Kids looked forward to a time and place where you needn’t worry that a neighbor would try to kill your child with needles or drugs injected into apples, candies or treats given out in lieu of requiring those same kids to soap your windows...a harmless act which facilitated older folks to wash their dirty windows anyway.
Yes, I have many, many fond memories of fall in the days of my youth. It saddens me that we cannot have the same world for our children today, but we must now be ever mindful of the dangers created by US....the same ones who enjoyed those things became so politically correct and tolerant of weirdo’s and their rights, that we stole the very possibility of our children enjoying those same things, right out from under their noses...replacing them with fear and doubts about the people around them. Shame on us........
Anyway....we are definitely on our way to fall, which will occur this year on Friday, September 23rd and that my friends is only 28 day away, so enjoy what’s left of your summer. School starts in some places this coming week and others just before or just after Labor Day the 5th of enjoy what you have left everyone.
Okay, I know I was going to give you series 2 pictures last evening, but as usual, I didn’t make it, so you will get them today. They start with five pictures of the alpacas, sheep, chickens and ducks out in the pasture, enjoying their day. Next, we have a couple of the turkeys, then a picture of where we left off with the regular fence posts, and where...behind the little white building the posts will go, near the dirt pile and then turn right across to the old dull red building. There will have to be a three foot piece of fencing between that dull red shed and the bright red brooding house. Then attaching to the existing fencing around the meat bird pen, the fence posts will follow the rope line all the way to the water. Once that is done, we will run from the fencing on the other side of the lake to the end where the stream borders us. Finally...the last three pictures are of the juvenile birds, the babies and then the meat birds gorging themselves on their afternoon feed.

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