Thursday, August 25

Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011... Fall Is Just Around The Corner...Look at the Trees...

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It isn’t hard to tell that summer is winding down and fall is peeking around the corner...because the mornings are crisper and the evenings come sooner. The maple trees on the mountain and in a few sparse spots here in the valley, are starting to turn to chartreuse and orange. That familiar old smell and feel is in the air...that familiar fall feeling that only comes when the apple cider is ready, pumpkins adorn front porches and brown, dried corn stalks rustle in the night breeze, making the hair on the back of your neck stand up...especially if your can’t convince yourself that Dracula could be lurking around every corner! The moon is particularly large this time of the year...and being it is close to harvest is no wonder they call it a harvest moon. How beautiful it is when it is just clearing the horizon...looking large and red. It is part of this season, as surly as the pumpkins, rustling corn shocks, the smell of apples and that clear night, cool breeze which also ruffles the withering maple leaves...all signs of fall during its approach.
As soon as Vick’s parents go home, I plan to be out and about in the cool mornings doing what I cannot do during the heat of the summer. I will pick up on the fencing to get the rest of the property fenced and protected against coyotes and foxes, then build the farm store to house our goods and make selling them much easier.
When the cold winter winds blow this year, I’ll be in the basement, working on fiber tools like combs, swifts, drop spindles and anything else I can produce to sell, along with Vick’s wool, alpaca and angora fiber, yarn and fiber products.
We are continuing to work towards the grand opening of the Hospice Gift shop, slated to take place on September 11th. (The 18th is the rain date) We are inputting items into the computer system and today a representative from the credit card service is coming to install the system so we can accept credit cards.
I will also attempt to gas weld the lamp post base today, using the aluminum rods I purchased from TSC in Glenmont. If it works well, I can finally get the lamp post back up and looking normal at the end of the driveway.
Below are a series of pictures I took when I let the animals loose for the day. I’ll call them series “ONE” and “TWO”. Each series has twenty pictures. “One” will be in this morning, and “two” will be posted this evening.
The first twenty pictures begin with two paintings we recently got for the hospice gift shop. Neither was painted by anyone we know and the horse was in the trash along the road.... Then there are Vic’s sun flowers, with the bees working on them, parts for bottle trees I am making for sale at the hospice gift shop, the lamp post base I need to repair, the fencing I need to install and two pictures of Sergeant by his blue eyed self and one with Bollero looking on from behind. We have pictures of the ducks and chickens awaiting release and the ducks fleeing toward the water... Then we have the angora bunnies...BGtoo, BB, Harry and Jack-in-the-box. Then, we have Tina turkey and Tutters the duck in the background and finally two pictures of the alpacas and sheep browsing in the far pasture, near the pond
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