Monday, October 10

Monday, October 10, 2011...Ever onward, etching out an existence in the World...

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We march onward each and every day, trying to achieve so many things... running, planning... searching and trying our best to reach the top. Where exactly IS the top? What do we expect to find there if we ever arrive at that unknown pinnacle?
Helen commented on my last blog saying,
“You really made fall stand out in this entry”, which made me feel good to really achieve the portrayal of my world to her, all the way down into Alabama. My reply to her was, “If you simply tell everyone what you see, hear, smell and think, you can transport them to your side to enjoy it also.”
Achieving that kind of comment from a regular follower, lets me know I am doing my job as a writer. She will return to look for future posts which will transport her to my side, where she will again share in the lovely things God has put right in front of us all to enjoy. I Think about all the beauty I can describe by a simple walk out to our lake, then you can think about all the lovely things God has given you to enjoy, which are right your own yard, on your lot, on your block, or in your town and state.
I went out early this morning to survey where I would start the fencing today, which will close off the entire north approach to the farm. This will aid greatly in discouraging predators and hopefully... make coming near our farm a fruitless effort, which will cause them to go somewhere else... to an area of better opportunity. Following is what I saw, heard, felt and thought:

It is now light enough to see the approaching daylight through the thinning tree limbs at the far end of the lake. They appear as an old man’s balding head, as each day causes less and less obstruction to seeing the underlying limbs....or scalp of the land. The sun is pushing daylight closer and closer to the horizon, where I will soon see it actually appear, being pushed by that huge globe of blazing energy. That will truly be the start to this we are now in the
“curtain going up” phase.

As I walk, I can hear the crackling of dead leaves which had previously rattled against the tree limbs in the breeze from its springtime and summer home, which it had recently moved from, as the approaching fall demanded it relocate itself to perform it's true destiny. We are all a star performer in the play of life, as we move along, performing our everyday part in that play. We perform a function, crucial to the outcome of that play and when our part has been fulfilled, like the play itself, our lives end to begin anew in another unknown tier in another plane of our existence in God’s creation.
The dry leaves crackle and I walk toward the swamp's edge. I smell a sweet smell...the smell of honeysuckle, which I can never locate. In fact, try as I might, I can never locate the source of the pleasant, sweet seducing smell, but it tempts me to stop and allow that seduction of my nose for as long as it continues to permeate my sense of smell. Once the fragrance dwindles, I smile to myself and move on, looking across the rippling water, wondering how it can ripple and flow in one area and then have an area with a mirror like calmness directly next to that rippling section. Another
"slight of hand trick" by God, as he performs his magic act for my delight, on an everyday basis.

I hear birds singing from every imaginable direction and the roosters are crowing behind me like a competition is taking place in the chicken theater. One always tries to better the other in the “Cluckin’ “A” Critters have talent” act.
Crows call as they move from woods to field and I heard a distant turkey gobble. If I linger to look closely, I may see the flock working their way along the balding fencerow next to the field beyond the swamp, where they pick bugs and spend their mornings and evenings. The neighbor’s dogs bark and bay, as if to beckon the sunlight through the trees on the horizon....for it is now peeking over the lowest trees, sending out streak like fingers of warmth in the morning chill.

Fall is definitely here...for the steam is rising from the Pupskill Lake, letting me know the water is finally warmer than the surrounding air. The steam is rising the water vapor cools, the foggy mist disappears into the air, becoming crystal clear above the haze.
The fish are enjoying the coolness of the fall, as they swim and chase those smaller than themselves.... always on alert; for they know there is usually always one bigger than themselves, as they chase a meal of smaller ones. No one cares to become
“the meal”, while searching for one....but it happens.
I pass a spot where the grass is very neatly packed to the ground. It was here that a deer spent the night, contentedly chewing her cud of grass, with water and open safety around it. Here they could see approaching coyote before they could get close enough to cut off their escape flight to safety. If I looked long enough, I would probably find several other
“nests”, where other deer joined this one, but I have things to do....even as I drink in the morning beauty. After surveying the spot where I will have to dig the first post hole by hand, because of the stream which will keep me from getting the tractor to this first hole position, I started roughly counting how many more holes I would make after that first one by using my measure gage and paint. I will install fence posts about as fast as you can imagine with this method, and guessed at approximately fifteen more posts. On the way back in from the end of the lake, I watched a red-tailed hawk gliding on the warm air currents as they lifted him higher and higher into the fall sky, until he disappeared from sight by either lofting so high he was out of sight or he caught a good tail wind and darted across the county at break neck speed before doing the rise and glide thing all over again. They can utilize this trick to glide hundreds of miles effortlessly, by seldom flapping a wing, which uses up their energy. Once I returned to the deck, I came inside and made myself a cup of coffee and returned to the deck to warm a chair and sip my morning coffee. I was sure I would continue to see amazing and beautiful things as I sipped my coffee and enjoyed my surrounding......and I wasn’t at all disappointed....Not for a moment!

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