Saturday, October 8

Saturday, October 08, 2011... The Feel Of Fall Is In The Morning Air..... Below is Vick's watercolor of "Witt's End Farm" in the fall.

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Being up at six AM with the dogs to leave them out, brewing hot coffee and making a hard roll with butter to enjoy, while reading the morning news on-line, is one of my daily pleasures. That pleasure is multiplied ten fold at this time of the year, because when I open the sliding glass door to the dog’s exercise area, I am met with the smells of fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year, because so many aromas that are drifting in the air right now, kidnap me instantly...taking me back to a place I’ve always been held captive. That wonderous place, of course is my childhood...somewhere around the age of ten or twelve.
At this time in your life, you are given... and also find new freedoms as you simply go from day to day things. You are trusted to venture beyond your backyard, to visit your neighborhood friend’s homes. You play and now find that you may ride your bike more and a store to perform small errands for you folks. You also find that during your expanding see new and exciting things, but for me, the things that come to mind most in my memories are all the smells, items and holidays associated with the changing seasons.
When I stop at a store and see pumpkins and corn stalks which are gathered and tied into small shocks or bundles of brightly colored Indian corn hanging from peoples front doors. I remember all these things of my childhood...when life was fun and carefree. I remember donning grotesque Halloween masks and lurking around the neighborhood...scaring the neighbor girls and making them shriek with fear and playful gasps and laughter...bobbing for apples or drinking warm, spiced apple cider. I remember my friend’s Mom, making Halloween cupcakes and keeping candy corn in a big bowl by the counter, which we visited often on our way byit...all day long. Of course there were always peanut butter sandwiches on home made bread, but at this time of the year, there was also a heaping layer of apple jelly added to coincide with the season...
I love all the apple festivals...the mums, corn, apple turnovers, apple cider, the chill in the air prompting the wearing of fleece shirts and jackets...the swirling leaves, as they follow the wind in tag match, much as a dog would chase it’s tail. That very chill, makes you pull your shoulders up, as you snuggle your collar tighter around your neck. I love all the wonderful reminders of fall...reminiscent of the bountiful harvest from a season of hard work, before the earth rests up through winter, getting ready for a new spring of life for the coming year.
I sit on our side deck often...enjoying a cup of coffee. In the is a fleeting stay of as few seconds to a minute or so as I pray for spring. In spring, it is a longer duration, as I smell the fragrance of the world coming awake from its wintery slumber, with earth smells and an occasional fragrance of early spring flowers. In the summer, it is as long as the sweltering heat from the summer sun will allow and in the evening, more so... if I’m not consumed as the dinner of the ka-zillion mosquitoes we have here. BUT in THE FALL....RIGHT NOW.... I can linger and daydream the entire day away if it would be possible. Daydreams come randomly with each new fragrance that wafts across the yard and enters my nostrils. The sun is inviting, the breeze refreshing...and life could not be better or fall too long in it’s duration to suit me. Fall happens just like its name, quickly and before you know it! Yes...before you know it, all the leaves are gone, the smells disappear, the sun is less warming and old man winter once again takes over...nipping the tips of your toes, nose and fingers with his odorless, icy breath.
Why would I not wish fall to last year round? I Do!!!
But I also know that God has a reason, for every precious season, so I accept that.....

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