Thursday, October 6

Thursday, October 6th 2011... Embracing The White Light Of The Almighty...

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Although Psychics, mystics, mediums, healers and people of many different spiritual venues seek the white light and have different but similar understandings of its meaning and origin, I simply attribute it to God, his presence and healing gift and his presence in my life, especially in stressful times.
I think the white light transmutes negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Feelings of guilt turn into acceptance and any fear of fate becomes desired opportunities through God’s intervention. White light is the space within the universe where positive energies are stored and white light can be called upon by anyone, for protection from negative energies or vibrations. White light will never come to harm and can ever be harmed in anyway. For this reason, I believe negative or "dirty" energies can be sent to the white light for purification and transformation.
For example, after searching out and cleansing your aura, you can request that the impurities you combed out of your mystic field be sent to the white light for cleansing. Visualize the white light coursing like a liquid through the entire body removing negative karma and rejuvenating your soul through God’s gift of that healing white light. It is and always has been my way of dealing with things beyond my control....things which I believe stops most people in their tracks because they can no longer deal with the negative karma dealt them on an everyday basis in life.
By seeking the white light daily...I find solitude within myself and allow it to transform any guilt I utilizing the white light to convey God’s forgiveness of my human faults, into the acceptance that I am a human and not perfect. I draw on the white lights strength of karma to help me understand my surroundings and deal with everyday life, where I share an existence with others like myself...who are human and do negative things unto me.
This morning, I asked for white light cleansing of the anger I had last evening with negative feelings about the current and ongoing theft of our eggs by someone who feels we should give them away. We cannot even come close to paying for our feed with the money we get from the sale of eggs and some cannot understand that they should pay for their eggs. True, we give some of our very close friend’s eggs for nothing, because they also give us things for nothing. That is what close friends do and the majority of those friends still slip their money into the box before we do at their house by slipping our money under something on their table or somewhere that they will find it after we leave. Our friends do not take advantage...and neither do we. That is how true friends treat one another. Who ever is taking our eggs without paying, is NOT our friend and it causes much negative karma as a result.
That is why learning to summon the white light is such a blessing. It allows us to achieve peace, deal with the situation and ask forgiveness for that person, as we change to another method of stopping the negativity of those feelings. We will simply sell our eggs out of the house, which will allow our friends to still get eggs, but will eliminate the theft and give that person a chance to remain honest.
We can also use God’s white light by directing it toward curing sickness, reducing stress and finding peace in what we cannot change in our lives.
Many friends in our realm of everyday life also believe in the power of the white light. Our friend Judy made the beautiful crystal heart which symbolizes the white light and this morning, I walked into the kitchen to see many signs from the white light. There on an angel was the aurora of colors created by the white light. There were places on the wall and on one of Vick’s watercolors indicating that the protective, positive power of God is all around her and with us always. We keep a burning white light candle in a bowl to keep that everlasting white light in our lives, symbolizing God’s gift of cleansing within our lives. In many ways.....we are truly blessed.

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