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Tuesday, October 04, 2011...Good Point There Judy...Glad You Stopped In...

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As we reported in the last post...the egg bandit continued to steal his (or her) eggs at will. Not matter how many times we posted signs saying that egg production was down...egg money was missing and the cost of feed was high... and we asked them to leave a note if you forgot your money, etc. and many people left notes. Some explained how we have money without eggs being gone...and how we had twice the money we should or why there was no money. One person put money in and then found the box empty...several got here to find they forgot their wallet or cash...and some dropped money off to pay for times they got and didn’t pay, but forgot to leave a note. All were honest mistakes, except the ass that wouldn’t pay for his eggs because I wouldn’t “reserve” eggs for him alone and the thief that continues to take eggs. Jack will probably never come back....as will his brother who continued to take advantage of us while thumbing his nose at me...So great for us...We don’t need people like them even coming here. And the “friend” that continues to take eggs without paying, even though they see us struggling trying to pay for feed, as we try to keep our price down... should lighten up a bit. All our other friends tell us we should increase our price to $3.00/dozen since feed costs have risen so much...and we might have to do so to survive, but we have tried to hold on to see if the price of feed would come back down first. Unfortunately, I do not believe it will come down. When we started...the cost of fifty pounds of pellets was around nine dollars and change...and now it is almost thirteen dollars. That occurred in only two years or so of operation here, so we indeed will probably have to increase egg prices to the three dollars per dozen.
As Judy said when we were explaining what happened with the theft, she interrupted and said, “Whoa...Whoa...wait a minute, you mean they took eggs, but left the honey and all my jams there? If I’m gonna steal your eggs, I’m gonna take em all, the honey and all the jam too. I’m not just gonna steal a few dozen eggs. This person knows you very well....in fact well enough that they think they don’t have to pay for their eggs and you won’t mind. It’s one of your close friends.” Sometimes you can be so upset looking into the distance that you don’t see what is right in front of your eyes! She was correct...it’s a person that thinks they are so close to us that we won’t care if they take eggs. We have many friends that get eggs and will not take them without paying...even if we tell them to take them for free, so we will find them sooner or later, but in the meantime we are selling again. We agreed that we were not really ready to give up on our honor system for one person and loose our dream, so we are back in business with the egg stand again.

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