Sunday, October 2

Sunday, October 02, 2011...Every Day We Change A Little...Sometimes A Lot...

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Well, we’ve reached it! The straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. We’ve bent over backwards and probably foolishly wished that things would be as they are in our fairytale dreams......BUT THEY ARE NOT.
No matter how much we want the world to be a nice place and dream of people being decent and loving...fair and kind, there are always those slugs...crawling underfoot, just waiting to take advantage and spoil what decent folks cherish.
The farm will not be the same anymore. We reached our tolerance for theft yesterday, right after a period of warning the thief that it was going to happen. We were ripped off again. Right now, we are experiencing the downturn in egg production that everyone experiences this time of the year. The days are becoming shorter...and nature is telling the chickens, ducks and guinea fowl to slow down laying eggs, for the cold weather is coming and their chicks could not survive the coming fall chill. We could hold their feed and keep them in total darkness for a period to force the molt, but Vick and I both agree it is cruel, unnatural and unhealthy for the birds when doing this...simply for the gain in egg count. We can make sure the lights are on to increase lighted hours to the fourteen necessary for them to lay optimum egg numbers while still allowing the natural molt nature intended. We want to benefit from our flocks normal lives, not change them against nature’s will for profit! (Which has never happened here and won’t, since we loose money constantly!)
Anyway, yesterday before going to Albany to visit family in the hospital, we placed five dozen eggs in the box....and upon returning, we found money for three dozen eggs, yet all the eggs were gone and there was no note on the note pad. This has been happening the last two weeks from time to time and we are finished with it.
I removed everything from the stand, (signs, bags, display bottles, etc. ) and placed a sign on the lid, telling everyone the honor system was DONE!
Anyone wishing to purchase eggs now must now come to the house and hope we are home. This really pisses me off, not because we have to do this, but because the thief stole from our friends! They stole the convenience of 24 hour egg service, year round...And they stole the quaint trust that we had for our fellow man, in a time when only a few of us were interested in maintaining that country charm. so many other fond memories of the “good old days”, a piece of our dream was stolen from us. The money is unimportant and we often said, please let a note saying, “Sorry, I’m short on money and need the eggs for my family” and we would have been glad to help. They never needed to sign their name...just let us know you were in need and they were yours! Unfortunately a month ago, a previous “friend” ripped us for eight dollars, because I would not reserve eggs for him, by turning other neighbors away. Maintaining that “first come, first serve” rule, then gave this slug justification to not pay the eight dollars for eggs he took that day, saying he was short of cash and would come back with the eight dollars. This was a business owner with plenty of cash, who constantly complained about how he always gave to his customers, only to be used and taken advantage of. You learned well Jack...congratulations, but don’t come back! We had several times when we were short in the box with no notes or explanation, so yesterday’s theft is not the first time.
All I will say is thank you to all our fine neighbors and friends that have done business here in the past...enjoyed the old fashioned privilege of the honor system and will now continue purchasing their eggs here by knocking on the door.
To the low life thief....Thanks for nothing and God will square your debt at a later time! You may hide from those around you and steal at will, but you cannot hide from the almighty. May God forgive you all, who ever you are..............

Please bear with us as far as the scarcity of my blog posts recently, for we have been visiting a family member in the hospital for close to two weeks now...spending as much time there as possible daily. Thank you......
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