Monday, October 31

Monday, October 31, 2011...WOW...Snow! Who Needs It On Halloween Anyway?

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Here it is.....Halloween and we have had a major snow storm of eleven inches!
True, much of it has melted in the first day after that storm, but still....we’re still officially in the beginning of fall. This is no time for snow...this is the time of celebration of the harvest and enjoying Halloween, apple cider and fall foliage festivities...not shoveling snow. With everything that had gone on here in the last month, we never got the pool closed properly, so now the filer and pump assembly is out there in the snow...Our cushion on all the furniture had to be put under the deck roof to dry before we can put them away and we only accomplished closing up and winterizing the barn because we hustled like crazy the day before and of the snow storm, finishing only in time work in the snow before it began to accumulate.
Now we are hoping for the 51° days they promised on the forecast Saturday as we were being pelted with the eleven inches of snow! Upon checking this morning, they are offering us 48° today and 51° tomorrow with only 33° overnight. The remainder of the snow should then melt and we can finish the winterizing we should have had done by now.
In the meantime, we are planning to go to Kingston someday this week to pick up clay for ourselves and Lois, our potter friend. She has turned Vick onto sculpting which seems quite fun. I believe I’ll give it a twirl too, once we have some clay and tools to work with. I’d like to see Vick get a wheel, because I believe I’d enjoy throwing pottery and we can always cure our wares in Lois’ kiln when she fires it.
Below I’ve added some pictures I took yesterday morning beginning at 5:30 AM when the dogs wanted out to start their day. After leaving them out, I saw that I had acquired a virus when the power went off momentarily, so I began working on getting Norton Security back on-line, which finally took me and a service rep five hours to accomplish, after finally removing several damaged files and the virus, which came from an AOL page in their news. So much for their lousy virus protection.....Thank God I have Norton, which can at least give me support and tools to remove what sneaks by them. Without their free “Virus Eraser”, I would never have gotten rid of it! It was a nasty one!!! Anyway, since working all that time, from 5:30 AM on...I had lots of opportunity and different lighting situations to snap pictures of. ENJOY!
Too bad the little kids will be slipping and sliding and walking in snow around here for Halloween. We got some candy, just in case, but I doubt that anyone will show up. I’m not sure we’ve ever had one kid in all the years we’ve been here. No neighbor kids or anything....SCARY!!!!!!

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