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For the last three days or so, I’ve felt under the weather with this confounded sinus crap I get every time the weather resembles spring....when there is melting snow and a chill in the air. It seems a cold or something settles in the small of my back, then I get what feels like an inflamed diaphragm when I breathe. This has happened to me for as long as I can remember...and if I don’t pay attention to it, it turns into pneumonia. If I stop and rest for a few days and do very little other than lie around inside the house, it goes away and never even gets to be anything resembling a real cold. So....for the last three days I have been simply buying my time....taking it easy and not leaving the house except to drive somewhere and feed, water and either release or put the birds and animals away. Today, everything is gone except for the sore back, and historically.....that will be gone tomorrow. I hope so because I have a ton of things I want to do and a million more I need to do.
Yesterday the gas company guy came to inform me that I cannot have the generator where it is. I talked to him on the phone and was aware that the spot I made the pad was unsuitable because he told me the generator had to be five feet away from any window, door or opening into the house. I was going to slide the pad two more feet to the left and wire it up before they came to see it, but decided to just wait until they came to see it. It’s a good thing I did, because I would have moved it and then found out that it also has to be ten feet from the tank and five from any opening into the house! SURPRISE!!! Imagine some one telling you everything you need to know at once....Hummmm, sounds like that is what you should be informed about when you first call about what you need to do....not some now...some later and more in the end!
Well, I will have a generator...on a the middle of the opening between the house and the garden....rendering access between the house and garden a thing of the past. In the future if we need to go between the two with a wheelbarrow or mower....forget it; we’ll have to go around!
Tomorrow, Vick and I will probably load stone onto our utility trailer from the local stone quarry and make a new pad base, where I will then drag the existing concrete pad to, level it and reinstall the generator in the new location. I can then mount the connection box and wire the inside BX cable to it, tying the generator and transfer switch together. I can then do the selective circuit wiring into the existing main panel, program the generator to self start in the event of a power outage and run once a week as an exercise cycle for ten minutes.
After finishing that project, we’ll be pretty much prepared for winter.

Oh, I have the canvas Quonset hut to finish, which is where we will store round hay bales for the animals through the winter, but that won’t take very long to complete.....honest!

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