Saturday, October 15

Saturday, October 15, 2011...Things We Do...About Things To Do...Usually Slow...

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Usually I’m slow at doing things necessary to do the other things we have to do. The night before last, the tire obviously went flat as I crossed the yard and when I made the turn, the tire popped off the bead of the rim, causing me to run through the grass leaning grossly to the left...taking a moment for my dulled mind to process what was happening. SO...there is where the tractor sat all night long and all day long through yesterday’s torrential downpours! This in itself made me shudder, in that I always park the equipment in, under the overshot roof in front of the barn to keep them out of the weather. Had I felt like a normal human yesterday, between showers and downpours I would have refilled the tire with air and got in under the shelter, but not feeling so good....I merely got it up on a block of wood to relieve the flat side, so it would take air and re-seal the bead on the rim. That being done, I opted to sit and rest my aching knees, rather than drag the compressor over there to fill the tire. That fun time job is reserved for this morning!
I must then begin in earnest, the work on the base pad for our generator and sketch out a plan for installation and the extension of the wiring between the transfer switch and the compressor, since the two must be located so far apart.
I’ll get Vick to snap a few pictures for the next post, showing our progress.
Maybe we’ll finish the barn opening too! We’ll see.....We’ll hope....We’ll probably crash and burn again too, in the end, and again it will be the things we don’t do to accomplish the things we should do........

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