Wednesday, October 19

Wed. Oct. 19th 2011...And The Race Is On & Here Comes Us In The Back Stretch...

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We’re once again in the race against winter with all our things we were planning to finish during the summer months. Well you know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that we will never get done....will always be in the back stretch....and that’s just how it is! So, finally giving into that fact, I don’t give a damn anymore! We’ll take each and every day as they come, when they come and however they come. We’ll roll with the flow and do what we want when we want and build or finish when we want to.....SO...... now we will only keep busy when we’re not busy and maybe we’ll be busy doing something else until we get busy again! Simple I thought, as I wondered why it took so long to come to this ideal solution!
Yesterday I dove into the fencing of the island side section near the lake. I call it the island side section because it is surrounded by water since we dug the little stream, duck pond and drainage into the lake several years ago. Once this island section is fenced, the entire northern approach to the farm will be closed to all four footed predators. Of course it will do very little in the way of thwarting An Attack from a hawk, but we won’t have to worry about the neighbor’s roaming dogs, foxes and coyotes anymore. When we finish the south swamp approach, the only way into the farm grounds where the animals occupy will be the open water between the two sides of the lake. Everything else will be fenced and gated, effectively closing off access to the farm, thus protecting the animals and making it comfortable to walk outside in the night. Our dogs will also be able to police and exercise in select sections of the yard then too. Below are a few pictures which I promised to post. They are of the area I’m closing in on the island section, but where the birds are congregated on the bank, you can see the south exposure where we will be replacing the nylon fence with a post and wire fence too. The trees were alive with blackbirds this morning....all over the property; obviously they stopped for a drink and rest on the migratory route south, because the trees looked like a scene from Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie.
I have included a picture of our generator I we will be installing. The unit itself, the hole we will fill with gravel, level and place the wooden frame atop, before placing rebar and wire and pouring the concrete pad. The large transfer panel goes in the basement, next to the existing service panel and select circuits get tied into the transfer panel and go to the generator. This transfer panel isolates the generator from the incoming lines to protect power company personnel from injury as they work on lines when the power is off and our generator is on.

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