Saturday, October 22

Saturday, October 22, 2011...Working On The Pad For The Standby Generator...

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Every day brings us closer and closer to the impending fate we know is just around the corner. This morning it was 42°, with a brisk breeze from the north. It incited a chill to my bones as I left the house to make a pickup at a friend’s house before they left for their Saturday’s planned activities. The sky is overcast and threatening a winter type look, far exceeding the fall which had begun several weeks ago, to which Vick and I have not had time to fully participate in this year. We have been busy with other things which cropped up over the last several months...sickness, soreness, behindedness and other things... far too numerous to mention, but we have been extremely busy.......BELIEVE ME!....even when we weren’t appearing busy!
Today, we will pickup several bags of sakrete (cement) and pour the pad we are preparing for the stand-by generator we purchased for the farm. It will supply the house and barn with needed backup electricity year round, in case of another power outage like we experienced with hurricane Irene. We decided chipping a hole in the ice during a winter blizzard for days would not be something we care to do, since dragging water from the pond to water the animals in the summer was bad enough. We will have our furnace (which heats our water), lights, well pump and pellet stove, which are the necessary things to survive a power outage in the winter. We have a gas range to cook on and a gas fireplace stove in the art room upstairs, which also heats our bedroom, so we will be set. The generator is large enough to give us TV and other receptacle circuits for computer and phone service too, so we planned ahead for the needs of this purchase.
The generator will supply 100 Amps and will start automatically with a special transfer switch to protect everything from malfunction....especially if when the power comes back on, protecting our generator, shutting it back off and transferring back to normal power.....even if we were away, protecting our home, the dogs and our farm animals. Below are two pictures of our progress with the pad.

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After pouring the pad and finishing it off, we will install the gate at the corner of the property and begin installing the fencing on the north side. Once installed. We will be finished for the winter, unless we feel like doing more. The winterizing of the barns will be a piece of cake, because when Vick opened everything in the spring, she made special provisions for redoing them now....Everything is there, so all we need is the screw gun and a few hours to re-install the vinyl coverings hanging right there and install the wood strips.

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