Wednesday, October 26

Wednesday, October 26, 2011...Cold and Rainy is On the Agenda Today...

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Looks like today will be a lousy day of rain here on the farm....with the next several days only going further down hill, so it seems. Tomorrow they are calling for snow in the higher elevations of New York and across the New England states. It appears old man winter is a bit anxious and in a hurry to make his appearance this year. That’s okay, because we’re always ready when it comes right down to it. We have some new tires coming for the car this week sometime and the barns will be finished as far as winter-proofing them. (Vick did the large chicken coop yesterday afternoon....and we’ll finish the little coop today between raindrops. It doesn’t take long with the electric stapler, a cord and generator in the trailer behind the little garden tractor, making everything portable and quick moving in the rain.
Yesterday we placed the generator on the pad next to the house and I carried the panel into the basement. We will mount the panel next to the existing electrical panel in the basement, and then I’ll run the BX cable to the generator and make those connections. The final electrical connections between the transfer panel and the existing panel will take place some morning when I can shut the power down to tie in. I’ll call in the propane gas company to see how we should tie into their tank.....maybe having them do it, so they can check the pressures and supply.
We are now allowing the alpacas to graze in the western pasture area, by the garden plot. There is an abundance of grass there that can be eaten and such a lack of it on the rest of the farm, where the animals have been plucking it out as fast as it grows. The grass out front needs mowed once before snowfall, but I need to find the time to do it.
Here is a picture of the generator on the pad and the temporary “rope fence” we strung around the yard for the alpacas to graze. They aren’t the greatest pictures, but it’s gloomy and raining. (Some I took through the screened in front porch, so excuse them please) I’m reluctant to allow the sheep to be in there, because they could graze right out of the yard, walking under the rope and find themselves lost in the adjacent field. Sheep aren’t too bright...and when they find they are “Lost”, they panic and run, trying to find their way back, which might just be hurrying in the wrong direction....... They are herding animals, so they want to stay with their flock mates, but they also enter laa-laa land when eating lush, green find them selves sometimes “escaped”, before they know it.

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