Friday, November 11

Friday, Nov. 11, 2011...Onward and Upward...or Forward at Least for Now......

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This from a dedicated reader of our blog’s last posting about the YU55 Meteor.

The moon is approx 239,000 miles away from Earth last nights asteroid was approx. 202,000 miles away from Earth Many, many People speculated and feared what would happen if the asteroid hit Earth and you wrote about it, but let’s try this glass half full scenario...If the asteroid traveled 20 MPH slower or was angled a 1/3 of a degree south it could have made a direct collision with the moon the force could have thrown the moon off axis and Thrown the Earth into a second ice age within 60 days It wasn’t a 200,000 mile buffer, Instead by a school speed zone alteration It Was a 37,000 mile NEAR MISS....closer than you blogged!
That is approx. the round trip distance of going from NYC to London only 10 times! Put that in your corncob and light ‘er up...Calling Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck!!!!!!

Okay then, so now we can put this all into perspective.... I’m really, REALLY glad that this thing missed us, because I really enjoy the subtle change of seasons we have throughout the year and I wouldn’t want to immediately be thrust into another ice age period and miss them. I enjoy the invigorating changes in temperature, scenery and everything else that goes hand in hand with the seasonal changes.

Yesterday, we had a productive day here on the farm! I started the day by pulling the barn gate off and re-adjusting the hinges and tack welding them into position so they will maintain the correct position of the gate. It used to slowly slip down until the gate was rubbing on the stones underneath, making it a real task to open. Now it glides perfectly.
After that, I concentrated on the generator for awhile. Working out the wiring in the transfer panel, which had what I thought to be a lot of redundancies in the design. I finally called an electrician to discuss my thoughts and he agreed with everything conclusion I had come to when tracing out the wiring. It will now be a piece of cake to complete tomorrow or later today.
We gathered up the temporary fencing along the south side of the lake and moved it to the west side yard and let the alpacas and sheep in there all day to browse happily on the succulent green grass. They were mooing contentedly all afternoon long as witnessed by Vick and I as we installed the ground net for the generator. We accomplished this by installing two eight foot copper ground rods into the ground, ten feet apart. We then ran a single length of solid #4 copper wire from the generator ground lug, to each ground rod, affixing it to each rod with an acorn nut without cutting the wire.
While I was doing some of the seasonal clean-up....such as putting the filter and pump, floater, chemicals and hoses for the pool away, Vick cleaned the barn entry and bunny brothel floor and I later put new wood chips down.
Today, we will work on whatever we need to complete for winter as time and weather permits. Later this evening, we will enjoy the annual Norton Hill Methodist Church turkey diner. We wait for this event all year long, preparing for the next one the day after the present one is enjoyed! It’s the best!!!

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