Sunday, November 13

Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011... Best Made Plans Are Always Made...Seldom Followed...

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Our best attempt at making a “to do” list takes place at the breakfast table every morning as I sit there contemplating what we have to do and what we can jam into the day and get done. Ha, Ha, Ha oh my......I think to myself...and even sometimes laugh aloud as I reflect on my past performance in this regard. I make an itinerary every morning over my coffee....and then again, changing it when Vick comes down the stairs, because her thoughts for the day’s projects carry different and usually far more coordinated scheduling than mine, which is to do as much as possible, regardless of the know, lessen the list of things needing done. She places a sort of preference by importance tactic, which I fail to possess.
Often, while sitting there, sipping coffee and thinking, I reflect on the desire to talk to my neighbor Ken and get his permission to walk on his property to the rear of ours. I want to take Vick back into the tall timber, beyond the field behind the house and sit for an hour or two watching and observing nature like she has never had the opportunity to do. We should take a thermos of blackberry tea, some trail mix or something to munch if hungry...our portable folding chairs, field glasses, the camera with zoom lens and multiplier and give her the opportunity to see why I enjoyed hunting so much in my younger years. Oh, I’ve killed my share of deer and wild game over the years, but never more than I could consume...But the real enjoyment beyond supplementing my table fare in lean times, was the peace and solitude derived by being one with nature.......the world around me. Call it the little amount of Native Indian blood coursing through my veins, but I love to sit in the woods and listen, smell and hear what you can only observe by being there.
I enjoy the fragrance of fall soil, decomposing leaves, which have recently fallen and create a blanket of colorful fall paintings throughout the woods....covering the fragrant earth; soon to join with the loom of composted relatives, from seasons before.
I love to sit quietly and watch as gray squirrels seem to endlessly be harassed by red squirrels as they attempt to chase off or steal the nuts gathered by their neighbor. Deer amble by, munching and browsing on succulent twigs and acorns missed by the burying squirrels. The birds will actually land on you and walk up your arms if you sit quietly enough and the sounds and smells which you experience are so intense sometimes, that it is amazing to behold.
Contrary to popular belief....there is nothing to fear in the woods while enjoying nature first hand as long as you remember to remain quiet and still if a bear happens to amble by....and remember, never allow yourself to be between a sow and her cubs. Always make plenty of noise if you see a Momma and her cubs approaching to give her plenty of time to avert an encounter. She and her cubs will make plenty of noise as they approach, so you will definitely hear them. Take action and be especially noisy as soon as you see them in the distance so she can head in another direction.
Some people desire to carry a firearm with them when they go afield such as this, but it is extremely hard to explain to a wildlife officer why you are there with a gun if you are not hunting....and saying it’s for self defense is usually not believed, since poachers readily use this tactic for their excuse, so perhaps this would be a bad idea.
Anyway...This is another good example of something which I’ve been wanting to do ever since we moved up here and as yet, have failed to execute...always filling the itinerary with other things and that annoys me. I should pursue this with renewed excitement before it never comes to fruition and Vick never has the chance to see this wonderful gift of God. It is merely a phone call to Ken, to acquire his permission and blessing.....a ten minute walk and two hours of enjoyment, after which we can resume the usual schedule again. I’ll positively add this to our to-do list!

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