Tuesday, November 15

Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011...Time Marches On and So Do We...Briskly Too......

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Yesterday we moved like a house on fire and accomplished a bunch of tasks we have on our list. Today...with the exception of doing the fencing on the south side of the lake, which we have to delay until we have more money for fence and posts, we will pretty much wipe out the list of things needing completed before the snow flies. We started the day with inside chores, then went to do our volunteer jobs for friends, like feed their chickens and walk their dog while they are away from home. When we returned home, we grabbed a bite and then started the work at hand. We closed in the roof section between the barn and the run-in shed, closed in the soffit area across the entire alpaca stall roof and changed a light fixture’s mounting to get the light lower. Today, we’ll move a gate to eliminate the pain in the butt it has been since enlarging the alpaca stalls. It will go to the outboard post so the gate can be against the blank wall when not being used, instead of in front of the main stall gate. We will add interior light fixtures and a receptacle in the outboard run-in shed where the Suri alpacas reside, giving them light and a bucket heater receptacle for this winter. We will also install a piece of heavy-duty plastic over their screened window to stop the winter air from entering their stall. Later, we will install a pair of rubber mats to keep them off of the wet ground when they bed down.
Sometime before the twenty-eighth of the month when the gas company comes to pipe, test and start the stand-by generator, I will install the battery and be ready for that final pre-operational testing and finally place the generator into service. It will exercise weekly and in the event of a power failure, start itself and automatically switch over from utility service to generator service. It will switch back after regular utility service is returned to normal and stand at ready again. SWEET!!!!!
Looks like we will postpone the building of a farm store onto the barn until next spring due to a shortage of funds, time and the approaching winter....we will wait to start the much needed new tool/welding shed where we will store all our tools and perform the welding work too. We’ve done and spent enough this year... Winter can be our needed rest period when we can recover financially and enjoy other interests a little bit.
After today, we’ll take pictures of everything and post them tomorrow morning in the morning post.

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